Cassville runners compete at Lamar

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Cassville Wildcats finished 10th of 15 teams with a score of 229 in the Lamar Invitational cross country meet, held last Tuesday, Sept. 27. Southwest finished 14th with 264 points.

Ryan Beaver, of College Heights, was the boys individual champion, running 16:18 on the Lamar Golf Course. Savannah Beaver took the girls race, winning with a time of 19:38.16.

Carl Junction won the middle school boys race with 64. Stockton's Ryan Ankrom won the 2,400-meter race in 7:58. Emily Sorrell, of East Newton, won the middle school girls race in 9:01.

The Cassville Middle School girls placed fifth and the boys placed 12th in the team scoring.

Cassville results

High school boys: Taylor Dodson, 34th, 18:35.55; Conner Redmon, 35th, 18:37.64; Walker Perez, 51st, 19:15.58; Ben Makela, 62nd, 19:27.13; Nathan Vitt, 68th, 19:53.19; Jordan Shore, 69th, 19:57.20; and T.J. Matthews, 94th, 22:47.41.

High school girls: Deborah Kern, 10th, 22:01.26.

Middle school boys: Nex Dyer, 48th, 9:46.20; Hunter Dover, 65th, 10:13.56; Robbie Russell, 87th, 11:25.03; Charles Seymour, 89th, 11:28.58; and Lian Dougherty, 93rd, 11:49.77.

Middle school girls: Alesha Cousins, 32nd, 11:30.01; Jessica Roberts, 34th, 11:38.25; BriAunna Hickman, 38th, 11:51.28; Olivia Padilla, 41st, 12:01.13; Andrea Cousins, 51st, 12:29.59; Makenzy Durossette, 64th, 13:38.03; Molly Durossette, 69th, 13:58.56; and Mattie Stevenson, 72nd, 14:22.36.

Southwest results

High school boys: Cristian Sellars, 14th, 17:33.00; James Pettit, 30th, 18:26.92; Zach Miles, 63rd, 19:28.00; Kyle Miller, 87th, 21:05.29; and Jake Shrum, 97th, 23:18.19.

Middle school boys: Alex Jiminez, 86th, 11:23.42; Perry Tallant, 95th, 12:05.07; and Steven Barnes, 104th, 13:27.03.

Cassville is scheduled to host its annual cross country meet on Monday, Oct. 10.

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