RR Parks Alliance holds annual picnic

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Roaring River Parks Alliance held its second annual picnic at the Eagle Rock Pavillion on Sept. 23.

"We heard many positive comments about the facility from first-time visitors to the pavilion," said Sharon Reidel. "The weather was awesome, and we were overwhelmed with the success of the picnic and the fact that we more than doubled the attendance from last year.

"We were happy to have Julie Fraley, volunteer coordinator for Roaring River State Park, as one of our guests," said Reidel. "We are pleased to increase our membership and add volunteers for highway clean up and Kids' Fishing Day."

Interested community members are invited to join the non-profit group, which advocates for clean water and property values.

Membership dues collected now will be paid through December of 2012. Membership is $20 per household. Dues can be mailed to: Roaring River Parks Alliance, Box 214, Eagle Rock, MO 65641.

For more information, call 271-4478 or 271-4075.

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