Tax sale

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
The 2011 Barry County tax sale grossed $36,132.21. Of that total, $23,810.72 will be applied to the back taxes owed on the 31 parcels of land that were sold to the highest bidders. The remaining $12,321.49 will be held in the county's over-plus account. The annual tax sale offered a total of 75 parcels of land. The 2011 tax year will be recorded as having the largest number of properties that did not sell, according to Janice Varner, Barry County collector. "We have never had a sale that has as many unsold parcels," she said. The 44 properties that did not sell included several large portions of land. In March, Barry County started with 463 properties on its tax sale list. "We worked hard to get that number down," Varner said. In the photo at left, Clerk Alice Pressley removes the posted tax sale list following Monday's sale.

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