Crowder College receives special honor

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crowder College has become one of only 26 community colleges nationwide to be recognized as The Chronicle of Higher Education's 2011 Great Colleges to Work For.

"It is very gratifying to be recognized by The Chronicle of Higher Education, because it is generally considered to be higher education's global voice," said Dr. Alan Marble, Crowder College president. "And, it is terribly humbling to realize that this recognition came about as a result of a college-wide survey of faculty and staff.

"The survey results ranked Crowder College very high in areas such as collaborative governance, teaching environment, confidence in senior leadership and supervisor or department chair relationships," said Marble. "I think this speaks volumes about the wonderful people who work here, our dedication to servant leadership and the steady guidance of a very insightful board of trustees."

Crowder College employees refer to themselves as a family, according to Angela Seymour, Crowder College Cassville Campus director.

"When a new person comes to Crowder College they hear that and don't think a lot about it until they see something happen with one of our staff members and everybody pulls together to help them out," said Seymour. "It is really amazing. Everyone looks out for each other, and it is evident that everyone cares for each other."

This summer, Crowder College staff members came together to complete a roofing project for a staff member whose home was damaged by the tornado that hit Joplin in May.

"The Crowder College administration's focus on servant leadership is amazing too," said Seymour. "Anytime you talk with the president or a board member about a project or idea they will ask how it benefits the students.

"It is the college's mission to ensure everything we do benefits the students and the community that we serve," said Seymour. "It is neat to be a part of a company where the administration is really focused on serving the students."

It is not unusual to see the president or a member of the board of trustees assisting a new student, said Seymour. Dr. Marble has even walked students to the admissions office in an effort to provide assistance.

"All of this makes it nice to work for Crowder College," said Seymour. "You don't just punch in and do your work and go home. You feel respected and cared about.

"It is neat to work for a company that not only allows you to keep the focus on what the students need but expects that," said Seymour. "Plus, everyone who works for Crowder College is fun. It's an enjoyable place to work."

The Chronicle of Higher Education selects honorees through a detailed survey of faculty, staff and administrators. Nearly 44,000 employees from 310 two- and four-year institutions participated in the assessment process.

Crowder College was also recognized as a Top 120 Community College by the Aspen Institute earlier this year.

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