Purdy FFA hosts annual livestock show

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Lucky rabbit Democrat Photo/Jared Lankford Grady Powers displays his rabbit at the Purdy Livestock Show. Power's bunny was named reserve champion.

Several area youth participated in the 35th annual Purdy Livestock Show on Saturday.

Results for each class exhibited were as follows:


* Senior showmanship: Jackson Farmer.

* Junior showmanship: Dakota Townsend.

* Pee wee showmanship: Jaret Hinson.

* Grand Champion crossbred female: Preston Farmer.

* Reserve Champion crossbred female: Jackson Farmer.

* Grand Champion market hog: Dakota Townsend.

* Reserve Champion market hog: Jaret Hinson.

* Supreme Champion hog: Dakota Townsend.


* Senior showmanship: Tanner Wright.

* Pee wee showmanship: Brady Powers and Makayla Harvey.

* Supreme Champion sheep: Makayla Harvey.

* Grand Champion female: Kory Harvey.

* Reserve Champion female: Makayla Harvey

* Grand Champion male: Makayla Harvey.

* Reserve Champion male: Tanner Wright.

* Grand Champion market lamb: Brady Powers.

Dairy Goats

* Senior showmanship: Sarah Allen.

* Junior showmanship: Clifford Stewart.

* Pee wee showmanship: Cameron Estus, Brady Powers and Bo Powers.

* Senior Champion Female: Tammy Stewart.

* Junior Champion Female: Sarah Allen.

* Alpine Junior Champion Female: Cameron Estus.

* Alpine Senior Champion Female: Brady Powers.

* Alpine Reserve Champion: Bo Powers.

* Lamancha Junior Champion Female: Braiden Stewart.

* Lamancha Reserve Champion: Tammy Stewart.

* Lamancha Senior Champion Female: Braiden Stewart.

* Lamancha Reserve Champion: Clifford Stewart.

* Nigerian Dwarf Junior Champion Female: Zoi Coupland.

* Nigerian Reserve Champion: Clifford Stewart.

* Nubian Junior Grand Champion Female: Zoi Coupland.

* Oberhasli Junior Grand Champion Female: Sarah Allen.

* Oberhasli Reserve Champion: Sarah Allen.

* Oberhasli Senior Grand Champion Female: Tammy Stewart.

* Oberhasli Reserve Champion: Bo Powers.

* Recorded Grade Junior Grand Champion Female: Sarah Allen.

* Recorded Grade Reserve Champion: Sarah Allen.

* Toggenburg Senior Grand Champion Female: Tammy Stewart.

* Toggenburg Reserve Champion: Tammy Stewart.

Meat Goats

* Senior showmanship: Casey Jarding.

* Junior showmanship: Shasta Sanders.

* Supreme meat goat: Shasta Sanders.

* Boer Grand Champion female: Jessica Ball.

* Boer Reserve Champion: Jessica Ball.

* Crossbred Grand Champion Female: Jamie Jarding.

* Crossbred Reserve Champion: Casey Jarding.

* Crossbred Grand Champion Male: Casey Jarding.

* Grand Champion Wether: Shasta Sanders.


* Senior showmanship: Shania Hogan.

* Junior showmanship: Jared Parrigon.

* Pee wee showmanship: Emma Parrigon, Sophie Wagner and Kylin Wagner.

* Supreme Champion Female: Stephanie Kaiser

* Brown Swiss Grand Champion female: Shania Hogan.

* Brown Swiss Reserve Champion: Shania Hogan.

* Guernsey Grand Champion female: Stephanie Kaiser.

* Guernsey Reserve Champion: Stephanie Kaiser.

* Holstein Grand Champion female: Chris Parrigon .

* Holstein Reserve Champion: Jared Parrigon.

* Jersey Grand Champion female: Sophie Wagner.

* Jersey Reserve Champion: Kylin Wagner.


* Senior showmanship: Derek Paradise.

* Junior showmanship: Cali Keaton.

* Pee wee showmanship: Courtney Keaton and Kyla Moore.

*Supreme Champion Female: Derek Paradise.

* Supreme Champion Male: Briar Meeks.

* Charolais Grand Champion Female: Megan Thomas.

* Charolais Grand Champion Male: Megan Thomas.

* Crossbred Grand Champion Female: Tanner Paradise.

* Crossbred Reserve Champion: Audrey Wilson.

* Hereford Grand Champion Female: Cailyn Spears.

* Hereford Reserve Champion: Shannon Mitchell.

* Hereford Grand Champion Female: Taylor long.

* Hereford Reserve Champion: Hayley Long.

* Limousin Grand Champion Male: Jared Smith

* Santa Getrudis Grand Champion Female: Brittany Shields.

* Santa Getrudis Grand Champion Male: Brittany Shields.

* Shorthorn Grand Champion Female: James Ray.

* Simmental Grand Champion Female: Derek paradise.

* Reserve Champion: Camille Crume.

* Simmental Grand Champion Male: Derek Paradise.

* Charolais Composite Grand Champion Female: Briar Meeks.

* Charolais Reserve Champion: Megan Thomas.

* Charolais Composite Grand Champion Male: Briar Meeks.

* Angus Grand Champion Female: Courtney Jenkins.

* Angus Reserve Champion: Courtney Jenkins.

* Angus Grand Champion Male: Courtney Jenkins.

* Angus Reserve Champion: Courtney Jenkins.

* Maine Anjou Grand Champion Female: Hannah Sherman.

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