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Purdy FFA hosts annual livestock show

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lucky rabbit Democrat Photo/Jared Lankford Grady Powers displays his rabbit at the Purdy Livestock Show. Power's bunny was named reserve champion. [Order this photo]
Several area youth participated in the 35th annual Purdy Livestock Show on Saturday.

Results for each class exhibited were as follows:


* Senior showmanship: Jackson Farmer.

* Junior showmanship: Dakota Townsend.

* Pee wee showmanship: Jaret Hinson.

* Grand Champion crossbred female: Preston Farmer.

* Reserve Champion crossbred female: Jackson Farmer.

* Grand Champion market hog: Dakota Townsend.

* Reserve Champion market hog: Jaret Hinson.

* Supreme Champion hog: Dakota Townsend.


* Senior showmanship: Tanner Wright.

* Pee wee showmanship: Brady Powers and Makayla Harvey.

* Supreme Champion sheep: Makayla Harvey.

* Grand Champion female: Kory Harvey.

* Reserve Champion female: Makayla Harvey

* Grand Champion male: Makayla Harvey.

* Reserve Champion male: Tanner Wright.

* Grand Champion market lamb: Brady Powers.

Dairy Goats

* Senior showmanship: Sarah Allen.

* Junior showmanship: Clifford Stewart.

* Pee wee showmanship: Cameron Estus, Brady Powers and Bo Powers.

* Senior Champion Female: Tammy Stewart.

* Junior Champion Female: Sarah Allen.

* Alpine Junior Champion Female: Cameron Estus.

* Alpine Senior Champion Female: Brady Powers.

* Alpine Reserve Champion: Bo Powers.

* Lamancha Junior Champion Female: Braiden Stewart.

* Lamancha Reserve Champion: Tammy Stewart.

* Lamancha Senior Champion Female: Braiden Stewart.

* Lamancha Reserve Champion: Clifford Stewart.

* Nigerian Dwarf Junior Champion Female: Zoi Coupland.

* Nigerian Reserve Champion: Clifford Stewart.

* Nubian Junior Grand Champion Female: Zoi Coupland.

* Oberhasli Junior Grand Champion Female: Sarah Allen.

* Oberhasli Reserve Champion: Sarah Allen.

* Oberhasli Senior Grand Champion Female: Tammy Stewart.

* Oberhasli Reserve Champion: Bo Powers.

* Recorded Grade Junior Grand Champion Female: Sarah Allen.

* Recorded Grade Reserve Champion: Sarah Allen.

* Toggenburg Senior Grand Champion Female: Tammy Stewart.

* Toggenburg Reserve Champion: Tammy Stewart.

Meat Goats

* Senior showmanship: Casey Jarding.

* Junior showmanship: Shasta Sanders.

* Supreme meat goat: Shasta Sanders.

* Boer Grand Champion female: Jessica Ball.

* Boer Reserve Champion: Jessica Ball.

* Crossbred Grand Champion Female: Jamie Jarding.

* Crossbred Reserve Champion: Casey Jarding.

* Crossbred Grand Champion Male: Casey Jarding.

* Grand Champion Wether: Shasta Sanders.


* Senior showmanship: Shania Hogan.

* Junior showmanship: Jared Parrigon.

* Pee wee showmanship: Emma Parrigon, Sophie Wagner and Kylin Wagner.

* Supreme Champion Female: Stephanie Kaiser

* Brown Swiss Grand Champion female: Shania Hogan.

* Brown Swiss Reserve Champion: Shania Hogan.

* Guernsey Grand Champion female: Stephanie Kaiser.

* Guernsey Reserve Champion: Stephanie Kaiser.

* Holstein Grand Champion female: Chris Parrigon .

* Holstein Reserve Champion: Jared Parrigon.

* Jersey Grand Champion female: Sophie Wagner.

* Jersey Reserve Champion: Kylin Wagner.


* Senior showmanship: Derek Paradise.

* Junior showmanship: Cali Keaton.

* Pee wee showmanship: Courtney Keaton and Kyla Moore.

*Supreme Champion Female: Derek Paradise.

* Supreme Champion Male: Briar Meeks.

* Charolais Grand Champion Female: Megan Thomas.

* Charolais Grand Champion Male: Megan Thomas.

* Crossbred Grand Champion Female: Tanner Paradise.

* Crossbred Reserve Champion: Audrey Wilson.

* Hereford Grand Champion Female: Cailyn Spears.

* Hereford Reserve Champion: Shannon Mitchell.

* Hereford Grand Champion Female: Taylor long.

* Hereford Reserve Champion: Hayley Long.

* Limousin Grand Champion Male: Jared Smith

* Santa Getrudis Grand Champion Female: Brittany Shields.

* Santa Getrudis Grand Champion Male: Brittany Shields.

* Shorthorn Grand Champion Female: James Ray.

* Simmental Grand Champion Female: Derek paradise.

* Reserve Champion: Camille Crume.

* Simmental Grand Champion Male: Derek Paradise.

* Charolais Composite Grand Champion Female: Briar Meeks.

* Charolais Reserve Champion: Megan Thomas.

* Charolais Composite Grand Champion Male: Briar Meeks.

* Angus Grand Champion Female: Courtney Jenkins.

* Angus Reserve Champion: Courtney Jenkins.

* Angus Grand Champion Male: Courtney Jenkins.

* Angus Reserve Champion: Courtney Jenkins.

* Maine Anjou Grand Champion Female: Hannah Sherman.

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