Young players attend Cassville YMCA soccer camp

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Democrat Photo The Cassville YMCA is hosting a youth soccer camp this week. In its second year, the camp has grown from 19 participants last year to 37 this summer. The camp, which started Monday, is being held from 9 a.m. to noon through Friday at the South Park soccer fields. Campers and coaches are pictured above. They include: Dylan Berndt, Andrew Berndt, Emma Berndt, Austin Wilson, Olivia Padilla, Marisa Padilla, Jacey Ball, Carter Fletcher, Vance Supulver, Garrett Knight, Damaris Taylor, Caden Abramovitz, Brittany Wells, Lance Ozbun, Kaylee Liley, Mason Hendrix, Trevor Supulver, Carlos Padilla, Caleb Martin, Garrett Ewing, Lucas Hall, Avery Chappell, Miller Reid, Kayden Fuchs, Dixon Reid, Eli Herrin, Jadon Ewing, Corbin Gibson, Ethan Fuchs, Bryson Hendrix, Quixote Gautney, Grason Ewing, Andy Hermansen, Julia Crouthamel and coaches Bob Crouthamel, B.J. McGuffey, Garrett Barnes, Andrew Hoskins and Amber Gentry.

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