R-2 Board debates raises

Friday, July 1, 2011

Purdy R-2 Board members wrangled with the decision of whether or not they could give raises to employees during Monday night's regular meeting.

Board members held a prolonged discussion on salary increases for the 2011-12 school year, and in the end, staff members and administrators received pay raises.

Aides will receive a $250 increase in salaries, as will the school nurse. Central office staff will receive a $500 increase while building secretaries will receive a $250 increase. Bus drivers and cooks will also receive a $250 increase in wages, while custodians will receive an increase of 15-cents per hour.

Administrators all received $1,000 increases across the board. New salary amounts are as follows: Superintendent Jerry Lingo to, $75,500; Bob Vice, high school principal, $62,238; Jeff Swadley, elementary school principal, $57,500; and Janet Boys, middle school principal, $57,000.

Total cost of pay increases to the district is $42,366.

The district's salary schedule for teachers remained unchanged. According to Superintendent Lingo, the movement on the schedule's steps and lanes will cost the district an additional $24,165 next year without any changes to it. Steps and lanes are given based on years with the district and additional education.

The board did approve adding another step to the salary schedule to accommodate teachers who had maxed out on the schedule. This change will cost the district $1,731.

Board members also discussed whether to cap the insurance premiums for certified staff at $375. The district has been admitted to an insurance consortium, the Southwest Missouri Educators Group, which will include a 7.5 percent surcharge for this first year of membership.

Board members accepted the resignations of Gail Dohn, high school art teacher, Sharyn Crouch, high school communication arts teacher, and Katrina Williamson, special education aide, and voted to hire Kayla Branstetter as the high school communication arts teacher, Tina Warren as food service cook and Debbie Carpenter as library aide.

Lingo reported to board members that Purdy was now a designated A+ School and that the credit went to the teachers and staffers in the district who worked hard to achieve that milestone.

Board members approved a policy regarding student allergy prevention response. The policy ensures administrators and instructors receive training and know where the epi-pens are located and how to administer the medication in an emergency.

In other business, board members:

* Heard that 25 seniors had already qualified for A+ funds for this first year of designation.

* Approved the 2011-12 contract with the Southwest Area Career Center.

* Approved the medical plan proposed by Mercy Health Plans for the 2011-12 school year.

* Approved expending the Jobs Bill Funds to cover salaries.

* Reviewed school attendance and other areas of interest.

* Received an expression of appreciation from school personnel for the board-provided luncheon.

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