New clinic offers more space for healthcare services

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
More exam rooms Democrat Photo The new St. John's Clinic in Cassville offers 17 exam rooms, which is seven more than was offered in the clinic's previous location.

St. John's Clinic staff members are now operating in a facility that offers 3,500 more square feet of space for healthcare services. The new clinic opened on May 23.

"The added space is so nice," said Dr. Connie Butler, who is one of six providers serving at the clinic. "We now have sufficient work areas for everyone, which makes us much more efficient.

"It is also nice to be connected to the hospital," said Dr. Butler. "It makes it fast and easy to go see patients, and the patients really like it too. One patient was so excited. He said to me, 'I don't even have to go outside.'"

Clinic staff members are able to use a wheelchair to transport patients from the clinic to the hospital for tests.

The new 10,000-square-foot clinic adjoins the southwest side of St. John's Hospital-Cassville. In addition to new space for providers, the addition offers a large new conference room, which is used by both clinic and hospital staff members.

"This facility was based on the paperless environment," said Vicki Punch, who serves as practice manager at the Cassville- and Monett-based St. John's Clinics. "In the old facility, we had the paper charts, but we have no paper charts in this building."

The new clinic offers 17 exam rooms, which is seven more than was offered in the previous location.

"The extra exam rooms helps our providers see patients more quickly," said Punch. "We are not filling up the waiting room as much. This clinic offers a much better flow, which the patients really seem to like."

Each exam room has been equipped with a computer, which allows healthcare professionals to enter medical information in the clinic's digital system.

"We have a larger procedure room in this facility," said Punch. "The extra space allows us to see two patients in the procedure room at once."

The procedure room is used for lesion removal, suture repairs and other out-patient procedures. Curtains have been installed in the room to give patients receiving services privacy.

"The patients have been really impressed with the look of the building," said Punch. "They have said it is really nice."

Expanded work areas Democrat Photo Located southwest of St. John's Hospital-Cassville, the new St. John's Clinic offers 3,500 more square feet of space for healthcare services.

The new clinic offers a large waiting room and registration desk. It also houses an expanded lab and special drawing area, a doctors' lounge and a lunchroom where clinic staff members can meet for meetings and special events.

"The doctors designed this clinic," said Punch. "We looked at several clinics throughout the area, and they decided what they liked and came up with their own ideas for this facility.

"It is so much more efficient," said Punch. "Even our move to this facility was smooth. Everyone knew where everything went in this clinic. It is a great facility."

The new St. John's Clinic offers space for six providers. They include: Dr. Jamie Zengotita, Dr. Jennifer Lambert, Dr. Connie Butler, Amanda Crim, P.A., Amanda Winfrey, N.P., and Cyndi Baker, FNP.

DeWitt and Associates, of Springfield, served as general contractor for the building project.

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