Seligman discusses law enforcement issues

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Seligman City Council discussed several law enforcement issues at its regularly scheduled meeting on May 9.

Randy Kalbaugh, Seligman police chief, presented the board with the April police report. He reported that there were only two dogs housed at the city pound. Both dogs were expected to be adopted.

The chief also reported that he hired a part-time officer, Mike DeWitt, to work some nights and weekends.

Kalbaugh noted that this is the first year that the police department has operated within budget in three years. He asked the council to remove four of the city's officers from probationary status and offer them raises. The aldermen tabled the request until the June council meeting.

According to Kalbaugh, the city's surveillance cameras are broken and undersized. He has obtained one bid for 16 cameras, recorders, monitors and hardware. The bid, which is $6,515, also includes installation and training.

The council directed Kalbaugh to obtain two more bids. After all bids are received, Mayor Jason Raucstadt will be responsible for selecting the best proposal. The bid cannot exceed $6,515.

Kalbaugh also reported that the city's police vehicles are experiencing maintenance problems. He would like the council to consider replacing the marked vehicle. A new car will cost around $18,000, said Kalbaugh.

The chief asked the aldermen to earmark $300 of fines and forfeit fees per month for a vehicle replacement fund. The council approved the request.

The aldermen also decided several utility issues at the meeting.

Shayn Jermain, public works lead man, reported that the city needs to purchase a flow meter for the lift stations and lagoon. He estimated that the product would cost around $1,800. The council directed Jermain to obtain three bids and select the best bid. The cost cannot exceed $2,500.

The aldermen reviewed the January, February, March and quarterly sewer lagoon reports. Jermain reported that the lagoon is still overflowing, but the flow has decreased slightly. The overflow is tested weekly by the city's contract lab.

Jermain also recommended that the city's bulk water be disconnected. After a long discussion, the aldermen approved Jermain's recommendation. Citizens can obtain 2,500 gallons of water for $15. Payments should be made at the Seligman City Hall.

Water delivery can be arranged with the Seligman Fire Protection District. The fire district will provide the city with monthly reports on water usage.

The council approved a resolution endorsing Water Watch Week, which will be held June 11 through June 21. The event is designed to publicize the importance of water quality in regional watersheds, promote wider awareness of the challenges of keeping waterways clean and engage more citizens in efforts to sustain high water quality.

The aldermen also received the 2010 audit report from Marshall Decker, of Decker and DeGood. Decker reminded the council to monitor the general fund, which lost $33,425 last year. The general fund includes administration, police, court and library. The account is up $12,012 this year.

In other business, the Seligman City Council:

* Appointed Alderman Latisha Pippin to serve as the city's emergency management officer.

*Reviewed the April code enforcement report.

* Heard that the bathrooms at the Elsie Corn Memorial Park were vandalized.

* Voted to remove a tree from the Old School Grounds Park. The removal will cost $400.

* Heard that the city will hold its annual Summer Fest from 3 to 7 p.m. on June 18. The city's first monthly burn out will be held during the festival, which will also offer free food, games, a horseshoe tournament, music, a cutest baby contest, a dunk tank and a cookie contest.

* Reviewed the library and GED program reports.

* Approved two certificates of deposit (CDs) at Freedom Bank. The $100,000 and $50,000 CDs will offer 2.5 percent interest. The funds will be transferred from the city's water and sewer cash accounts.

* Voted to restart the annexation process for the Seligman Meadows subdivision. Although the city thought the area was annexed in the mid-1990s, the Barry County Assessor's Office does not recognize the annexation.

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