New social services director joins Cassville Healthcare and Rehab

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
New staff member Democrat Photo Martha Henry began serving as the new social services director at Cassville Healthcare and Rehab on June 1. Pictured above, from left, are: Barbara Howell, Cassville Healthcare and Rehab administrator; and Henry.

Cassville Healthcare and Rehab welcomed a new social services director on June 1. Martha Henry has worked with area senior citizens for over a dozen years.

"My goal is to be the best social services director I can be," said Henry. "I think I am someone the residents can talk to, and I hope I can provide a safe place for them to voice their thoughts."

After working as a restaurant cook and manager for several years, Henry accepted a food service position at the Cassville Senior Center. Later, she applied for an administrator's position with the Southwest Office on Aging.

"I served as the administrator at the Cassville Senior Center and an area supervisor for the Southwest Office on Aging in Barry, Lawrence and Dade counties," said Henry. "I loved working with the elderly. I knew that I had chosen the right career path right away."

Henry worked for the Southwest Office on Aging for five years before accepting the social services director position at Red Rose Health and Rehab in Cassville.

"I had never done anything like that," said Henry. "but I thought if they had confidence in me, I could do the job."

Henry served as the social services director at Red Rose for six and a half years.

"I knew that this facility (formerly known as the Barry County Care Center) was taken over by a new company," said Henry, "and I had worked with Barbara Howell and Jamie Erwin before. They both love and are concerned with the elderly. I decided I would like to join their team."

At Cassville Healthcare and Rehab, Henry is in charge of admission and discharge planning. She also ensures each resident's rights are observed by facility staff members.

"I am an advocate for the residents," said Henry, "and sometimes I am just the family that they don't have.

"This is a very rewarding job," said Henry. "The residents have so much wisdom, and yet they have such a need for affection. I hope I can be someone who is there to listen to them and give them some of the attention they deserve."

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