Students earn fitness awards

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Presidential Fitness Award winners Cassville Primary and Intermediate School students participated in the Presidential Fitness Challenge test during the 2010-11 school year. Students were tested in several categories including flexibility, speed, endurance and strength. The Presidential Award was presented to students who scored at or above the 85th percentile in all categories. Students were also recognized for breaking school records during the challenge. Pictured above, in the front row, from left, are: Aaron Fisher and Nathan Dick. Back row: Shannon Haney and Lauren Turner.

Cassville Primary and Intermediate School students participated in the Presidential Fitness Challenge test in March and April.

The Presidential Fitness Challenge helps motivate children to have active lifestyles and is a great tool to help students set fitness goals.

During physical education classes, students were tested in the following categories: sit and reach flexibility; 30-foot quickness shuttle run; one-quarter and one-half mile endurance runs; abdominal strength; and upper body strength.

Students who scored at or above the 85th percentile on all five tests received the Presidential Award. The National Award was given to students who scored at or about the 50th percentile in all five categories.

Presidential awards were presented to Nathan Dick, Shannon Haney and Lauren Turner.

National Award winners are listed below by grade level.

First grade: Kasen Holman, Alex Merryman, Stephanie Morgan, Allison Marcucci, Rylan Wilson, Ashton Brown, Corey Thomas, Taylor Bredeson, Alexis Yockey, Joshua Case, Monserrat Moreno, Jimmy Smith, Brook Davis, Lexie Sanders, Ethan Fuchs, Jalyla Pendergrass, Ryder Schell, Shawna Moss and Leslie Turner.

Third grade: Brady Walker, Kya Craft, Shadyn Minton, Chelsea King, Jacob Housekeeper, Lane Nance, Case Anselmo, Pam Velasquaez, Quinn Cook, Angelina Liggett, Jacob Thomas, Rebecca Allen, Devin Krahn, Gabby Johnson, Madry McCrackin, Gregory Hunter, Carson Jacobson, Bryson Wilderbuer, Mackenzie High, Kennedy Parnell, Nathan Garnett, Hallie Walker, Bowen Preddy, Kade Haywood, Riley Mills, Madison Boyd, Alexa Perez, Devon Johnson, Kel Wilson, Deven Bates, Lena Greene and Carson Roller.

Fourth grade: Chloe Thomas, Matthew Wilkinson, Vance Supulver, Maci Roberts, Caden Abramovitz, Somer Brooks, Alexis Ozbun, Reilly Nichols, Kamryn Jacques, Haven Dailey, Anthony Tolbert, Ethan Hoppes, Samantha Blangger, Jesus Perez, Sophia Brattin, Avery Brown, Callie Beagle, Morgan Popanz, Damaris Taylor, Cole Jackson, Cale Jackson, Megan Cornett, Jaden Davis, Amber Large, Justin James, Brianna Hemphill and Joua Thao.

Fifth grade: Brayden Nelson, Hailey Matthew, Mason Arndt, Kaylee Morgan, Faith Wood, Austin Wilson, Dylan Garner, Dominic Wilderbuer, Aaron Wogoman, Trevor Krahn, Morgan Smith, Abbi Atkinson, Dillon Foltz, Trey Dalton, Garrett Knight, Jacque Holz, Gavin Upchurch, Ashlynn Howe, Jeremiah Fisher, Michael Rivera, Megan Sloan, Andie Roper, Issac Dodson, Conner Wolf, Emma Coenen, Coleman Hoppes, Hallie Long, Madisyn Popanz, Desiree Castro, Trey Sturgell and Ben Hayse.

In addition to the traditional awards, Aaron Fisher and Ethan Hoppes were recognized for setting new school records. Fisher completed the one-quarter-mile endurance run in one minute and 38 seconds, and Hoppes completed the one-mile run in six minutes and 39 seconds.

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