Alderman requests additional information on agenda items

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Alderman Terry Heinz asked for more information on three consent agenda items at the Cassville City Council's regularly scheduled meeting on June 6.

Heinz requested an explanation for a $694.17 expenditure that was paid to Barnes Trucking and a $528.05 expenditure paid to Recreonics, Inc.

According to the city's check detail register, Barnes Trucking was hired to haul rock for repairs made at an alley between Main and Townsend streets. Heinz asked why the business was hired to perform work that could have been completed by city employees.

"The staff was working in another area," said Steve Walensky, public works director, "and we had received several complaints from people who live along that alleyway."

Alderman Jeff Parsons reported that he recently toured the city's public works facilities with Walensky. Parsons said he asked Walensky a similar question regarding the work performed by Barnes Trucking.

"After hearing Steve's explanation, I agree with what he did," said Parsons. "They did a good job in that area too."

The expenditure paid to Recreonics, Inc., was to replace the diving board stand at the Cassville Aquatic Park, said Walensky. The stand and bolts needed to complete the repair were specific to the diving board that was ordered earlier this year. The purchase of the board was approved by the council at a previous meeting.

Heinz also asked for additional information on a $3,556.65 purchase order, which covered the cost of water meters that will be installed at the construction site for the new Access Family Center on Business 37.

"We are using a standardized platform for our meters," said Walensky. "In the past, the city let contractors decide which meters to install. This is just a pass through expense that allows us to control what type of meters the contractor puts in the ground."

The contractor in charge of the building project will reimburse the city for the cost of the meters and installation supplies.

In new business, the council approved annexation and rezoning requests.

The city will annex property located at 10646 Farm Road 2180, which is owned by William and Loretta Larecy. Bill's Appliances is currently located on the property.

The aldermen approved the request with a three-to-one vote. Heinz opposed the annexation request.

The city also approved a request to rezone land located at 27 South Main St., which is owned by Flat Creek Properties, from residential to commercial. The property is located behind Flat Creek X-Press Lube.

According to Eugene Dilbeck, city administrator, Casey's plans to build a new convenience store on the property. The company will approach the city council with a site plan in the future.

In other business, the Cassville City Council:

* Approved an agreement with Reavis Water Well and Construction, Inc., for a remodeling project that will be completed at Well House #1B.

* Authorized a three-year agreement with Flynn Drilling Company, Inc., for annual inspections of the city's water supply pumping equipment.

* Received a clean audit report from Marshall Decker, CPA, from Decker and DeGood, of Springfield.

* Heard that Barry County has been added to the list of counties eligible for public assistance for flooding damage.

* Received a new list of city staff memberships, which will be retained and discussed during the city's annual budgetting workshops.

* Heard that the safety modifications that were completed in the council chambers cost $7,022.41. The project was budgeted at $8,840.

* Received an update on efforts to enforce the city's nuisance ordinance. Dilbeck reported that 55 notices had been issued for violations.

* Heard that lightning struck the Cassville Aquatic Park and damaged the transformer, air conditioner wiring and multiple breakers.

* Received an update on the Ozark Regional Economic Partnership meeting in Springfield that was attended by Dilbeck, Lynette Dilbeck, economic development director, and Mayor Tracy Holle.

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