Cyclist makes stop in Cassville

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Democrat Photo Sylvia Halpern's latest Myrtle the Turtle Trike Tour brought her through Cassville last week. On June 2, Halpern made stops at Ramey and the Budget Inn on her way back to Portland, Ore. This is Halpern's fourth cross country bike tour. Other trips took her from Canada to Mexico, through New Zealand and Australia and across southeast Asia. This year, Halpern decided to add a motor to her trike, which she has affectionately named Myrtle the Turtle in honor of the slow pace she enjoys during her cross country trips. As a trial run, Halpern decided to take a trip across the United States to visit her sister in Kentucky. She began her journey in Portland, Ore., in October of 2010. The trip has included a stop in Los Angeles, Calif., and a month long trip across Texas. Currently, Halpern is following the Trail of Tears through Arkansas and Oklahoma as she makes her way back home. She has traveled over 4,000 miles during this trip. Next year, she hopes to travel from Singapore to Beijing. Halpern travels with a GPS, an iPod touch and a computer. She relays stories from her travels on her blog which can be viewed at

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