Wheaton discusses vandalism at city park

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Wheaton City Council discussed recent vandalism to the city park bathrooms at its regularly scheduled meeting on April 5.

Bob Lombard, city employee and Wheaton Fire chief, was asked to gather price quotes on security cameras. The council asked Lombard to inquire about placing a camera on the Security Bank building.

Jerry McBride, city employee, was directed to obtain prices on radiant heat for the bathrooms. The aldermen will consider leaving the bathrooms open throughout the year.

McBride reported that he has not received the final bid for the city hall roof repairs. After discussing the issue, the council authorized city employees to apply tar to the roof.

The aldermen also discussed a dangerous building ordinance. David Cole, city attorney, suggested the city consider processing dangerous building issues through the municipal court.

Cole also stated that the city's current nuisance ordinance should be updated. He said he would have both the proposed dangerous building ordinance and the updated nuisance ordinance ready for the May meeting.

In other business, the Wheaton City Council:

* Approved the March bills.

* Voted to remove David Harris and Buddy Park from the signature card for the city's safety deposit box. Mayor Donnie Powell, Alderman David Shockley and City Clerk Marianne Witt will be added to the signature card.

* Approved the Barry County Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) resolution.

*Asked Officer Clint Clark to begin working more evening hours.

* Directed Witt to begin looking for a part-time office assistant.

* Voted to schedule a paving project for the second block of Main Street with Hutchens Construction.

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