Changes announced for R-4 administrative team

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Honored teacher Democrat Photo On May 26, Alene Campbell, 2010 Teacher of the Year, presented Ann Ellis, FACS instructor, with a 2011 Teacher of the Year Award. Ellis was selected for the middle and high school faculty honor. Pictured above, from left, are: Ellis and Campbell.

Cassville Superintendent Richard Asbill made a surprise announcement at the end of the Cassville Community Teachers Association (CCTA) reception, which was held in the Cassville High School commons area on May 25.

"Cassville has the best teachers, community and friends to work with," said Asbill. "It is important for you to know that I don't like the status quo. I want us to be better than we were before, and I want the students to achieve higher than before.

"The administrative team is responsible for serving you better than before," said Asbill. "Our capacity to lead cannot be limited by our vision of yesterday but has to be based on our vision for tomorrow. Let me reintroduce to you Cassville's administrative team."

According to Asbill, Joe Cavness will continue to serve as operations director, and Jill LeCompte will remain instructional services director. Catherine Weaver will also continue to serve as Cassville Primary School principal, and Amy Stephenson will remain in the special services director position.

Eric White, Cassville Middle School principal, will serve as intermediate school principal during the 2011-12 school year. Melanie Stringer, current intermediate school principal, will move to the position of middle school assistant principal.

Coy Dalton, current middle school assistant principal, will begin serving as the assistant principal at Cassville High School under Principal Chris Redmon, who will retain his current position. Terry Jamieson, current assistant high school principal, will begin serving as the Cassville Middle School principal during the 2011-12 school year.

"We have looked at our strengths and how we can serve all of you better in the future," said Asbill.

Teacher of the Year Democrat Photo Mindi Gates was recognized as Teacher of the Year for the Cassville Primary and Intermediate schools during the Cassville Community Teacher Association reception on May 26. Sherry Rhea, 2010 Teacher of the Year winner, presented Gates with the award. Pictured above, from left, are: Gates and Rhea.

Several awards, honors, scholarships and grants were also presented during the CCTA reception.

Weaver presented the 2011 Young Educator of the ear Award to Michelle Allder, first grade teacher.

Shari Rhea and Alene Campbell, 2010 Teacher of the Year Award winners, announced the names of the 2011 winners. The Teacher of the Year Award for the primary and intermediate school was awarded to Mindi Gates, third grade teacher, and the award for the middle and high school was presented to Ann Ellis, FACS instructor.

Asbill presented several technology grants during the reception. A pair of small grants were awarded to purchase additional SMARTboards for the high school and primary school.

Another grant will fund several pieces of equipment to begin a communication arts lab in the high school. Grant funds will be used to purchase a laptop or desktop computer and a SMARTboard.

The largest grant was awarded to Christy Hermansen, primary school librarian. The $15,000 grant will fund the purchase of a 30-iPad wireless communications station for the primary school.

Greg Allen, Cassville R-4 School Board vice president, presented scholarship awards to Gates and Lisa Schell, Title 1 teacher, and Sherri Brooks, sixth grade math and science teacher, received a Quarter Century Teacher Award.

Retiring educators were also recognized during the event. They were: Randy Robertson, eighth grade social studies teacher; Bonnie Cox, high school physical education teacher; Steve McNaught, high school industrial technology teacher; and Janet Sullivan, high school family and consumer science teacher.

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