Butterfield adds to pending projects list

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Butterfield City Council added six projects to the pending projects list at its regularly scheduled meeting on April 14.

The following projects were added: fix meter shut-off valves in three locations; finish clean-up required by city at 10309 E. Fifth St.; move pipe rack at well house; repair trim and paint garage door at city storage building; kill water service connection to water main at abandoned property on Front Street and Business 37; and flush dead-end manholes.

The projects will be completed in order of priority as time and funds allow. Any projects that can be completed by Trey Phillips, city employee, should be done without any additional time charged to the city.

Anna Marie Erwin, city clerk, and Phillips requested permission to make planters in front of the city community building. All labor will be volunteered, and plants will be donated. The aldermen approved the request.

The council heard that Bruce Hiveley, of USDA-Rural Development, Simmons Engineering and Sue Bacorn continue to work on plans for the city's water improvement project. Although the city has not received any new information regarding grant money, work is being completed to ensure the project is shovel ready when funding is approved.

The aldermen authorized Simmons Engineering to submit documents for review and approval to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and USDA. The council also voted to move forward with design plans and preparations.

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