Washburn revises outdated codes

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Members of the Washburn City Council attended to several items of business during their March 15 meeting, including revising and eliminating some outdated portions of the city's ordinance codes.

Aldermen approved removing portions of the city code that did not necessarily pertain to Washburn, and updating some of the language to clarify the meaning or enforcement of those ordinances.

Steve Palmer addressed aldermen concerning lot sizes inside the city limits, and his preliminary idea of increasing available housing within the city limits. Palmer is undecided as to which avenue he will pursue in that effort to add housing units and has not yet determined what type of housing he wants to provide.

City Attorney Darwin Groomer approached aldermen concerning the fine fee schedule for ordinance violations to get fees in line with other area communities. Darwin said the current fee schedule was low. Groomer will bring more information about the matter to aldermen for consideration.

Aldermen approved the purchase of high visibility T-shirts for city employees to wear when they are out in the community working on projects. The shirts will identify the wearer as a city employee as well as serve as an eye-catching safety measure to warn motorists of the employee's location.

Alderman Mary Roller and Mayor John Tiedeman will be attending the 23rd annual Missouri Emergency Management Conference taking place May 3 through May 6 in Branson. The conference provides several breakout session covering topics such as mass fatality response in Missouri, GIS mapping for emergency management, National Guard support during disaster, contracting and debris management, prepositioned equipment and more.

Aldermen approved selling the city dump truck. Sealed bids, with a minimum opening bid of $500, may be mailed to City Hall, P.O. Box 110, Washburn, MO 65772.

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