Happy Mother's Day

Thursday, May 5, 2011

This Sunday, I will celebrate my first Mother's Day with Sophie. A year ago, I knew a little baby would be coming into my life. I knew that I would be responsible for caring for her, feeding her, changing her and playing with her, but being a mother is so much more than just meeting the physical needs of a child. Becoming a mother changes your life forever.

A mother is the one who sits by her baby's bedside just to watch the child sleep. She is the one who reads to her young one even though she is aware that the baby might not hear the story. She is the one who will sleep on the floor beside her baby's crib just in case the child needs her, and she is the one who wakes panicked the first time her baby sleeps through the night.

As a child grows, a mother is the one who worries about every sniffle and cry. She will miss work to attend doctor's appointments to provide comfort after shots, and she will stay up late to help complete school projects or make treats for class parties. Through the years, she will cry tears of joy and sadness as her baby reaches each milestone in life.

Mothers are all different. Some are teenagers struggling to care for a child while they complete high school or college. Some are women who are torn between their love for their child and their careers. Others are women who cannot carry a child, but make room in their lives for a baby through adoption or foster parenting. Mothers are also those women who have lost their children. Through their grief, they strive to honor their babies in anyway possible.

Mothers are the women who watch from afar and learn to let go as their babies attend college or start new lives away from home. They are the women who learn to bite back their advice and knowledge to allow their own children to work through the trials of parenthood, and they are the women who offer hope and comfort to their children while they themselves fight through the pains and trials of age and illness.

The mothers I know are more than loving. They are courageous, strong, dedicated, faithful, giving, motivational and wise. I hope that someday Sophie will use these words to describe me.

This Mother's Day, take time to honor the mothers in your life, but don't just send flowers or serve breakfast in bed. Take a moment to thank these wonderful women for their time, their prayers and their love. I can't wait to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mom and also take a moment to honor my mom, who will celebrate her first Mother's Day as a grandma.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Barbara Deal, and all the other mothers in Barry County.

Lindsay Reed