Red Rose therapy department focuses on rehab to home

Thursday, May 5, 2011
Certified therapists offer variety of services Democrat Photo Stein Ancillary Services has offered speech, occupational and physical therapy at Red Rose Health and Rehab in Cassville for nearly a year. Certified therapists Mona Thach, Sarah Plotycia and Hope Semper work with long-term care residents and individuals utilizing the facility's rehab to home program. Pictured above, in the front row, is: resident Linda Mattingly. Back row: Semper, Thach and Plotycia.

Stein Ancillary Services began offering speech, occupational and physical therapy at Red Rose Health and Rehab in Cassville last June. Certified therapists are available at the long-term care facility eight hours a day, five days a week.

"We are very lucky to have them here all the time to offer services," said Teresa Smith, Pinnacle Healthcare and Red Rose outreach coordinator. "They enjoy working with this group, and they are able to build good relationships with our residents by being here with them each day. They make a big impression on many of our residents' lives."

In addition to offering services for Red Rose Health and Rehab's long-term care residents, the three-person therapy team offers rehabilitation services for the facility's rehab to home clients.

"We are not just a physical therapy department," said Mona Thach, MED, CCSLP, clinical manager and speech therapist. "We offer therapy in all three areas to help residents get back home as quickly as possible."

Thach works with individuals who have sustained strokes, have dementia and are experiencing swallowing issues, which can occur after surgery. She also offers cognition therapy for patients with diminished memory.

Sarah Plotycia, OTR/L, offers an assortment of occupational therapy exercises that help individuals become more self sufficient.

"We try to get them back to their previous level of function before an injury or surgery," said Plotycia. "If an individual has a hip fracture they will not be able to get dressed like they did before.

"We also work on standing, balance, upper body strength and fine motor skill exercises," said Plotycia.

Physical therapy services are provided by Hope Semper, PTA, who served as a women's basketball coach before entering the therapy and rehabilitation field. Jimmy Christman, PTA (physical therapist assistant), works with Red Rose residents when Semper is not available.

"We work on functional mobility, such as walking, balance and stability," said Christman. "We want to make those individuals who are returning home more functional in their home.

"For those who reside here, we work on mobility skills, including bed mobility, getting in and out of bed and using the restroom," said Christmas. "We also offer wound care, leg and trunk strengthening, pain control exercises and soft tissue mobilization."

The therapy team works with between 15 and 20 individuals each week.

The team offers over 53 years of combined experience. Thach has worked in the therapy field for 33 years, and Plotycia has served as an occupational therapist for 20 years. Semper joined the field last year, and Christman has a dozen years of experience.

For more information on Red Rose Health and Rehab's therapy services, call Smith at 847-0225.