Local citizens urged to report street problems

Thursday, February 17, 2011

As roads are cleared of snow and ice, travellers may notice damage caused by recent weather extremes.

City of Cassville officials know the freezing and thawing have taken a toll on city streets and they want citizens to keep them informed about new potholes and uneven street surfaces.

"We need citizens to help report where street and surface problems occur," said City Administrator Eugene Dilbeck. "City employees will review all citizen reports and fix streets as quickly as possible."

Many of the permanent street repairs will have to wait until spring when warmer weather arrives and stays.

Local residents are encouraged to report deteriorating street conditions by calling a special Citizens Report Line telephone extension at 847-4441, extension 44. Street problems can also be reported by email at citizenreport@centurytel.net.

"This line and email address are not just for reporting street problems," said Dilbeck. "Anyone can express a concern or comment about city services."

City officials are requesting that citizens provide the following information when making a street report:

* Citizen identification: name and phone number. An address is helpful but not necessary.

* Location: If the report is street related. good location information is requested. Specific address and cross streets are helpful.

* Description: If the problem is a pothole or a rough surface, identify the size, depth or length.

Again, the Citizen Report Line number is 847-4441, ext. 44 and the email is citizenreport@centurytel.net.

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