Pry resigns as mayor pro-tem

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cassville alderman Mark Pry submitted his resignation as mayor pro tem during Monday night's city council meeting.

Pry handed a letter of resignation to Mayor Tracy Holle and his fellow aldermen and then read the letter aloud.

"As mayor pro tem, I am to perform certain duties in the absence of the elected mayor," said Pry. "In my estimation I failed to do this duty to ensure the sincerity of the council as a whole.

"I take pride in my integrity as I know you who sit on the council do as well," Pry continued. "Might it have been a reasonable oversight of the administration, I consider that I was not clearly informed concerning an official document I had signed on behalf of the City of Cassville. To ensure that the honor of the council is not compromised due to the lack of consultation and my modest assessment, I Mark Pry, currently mayor pro-tem, hereby sumit my resignation as mayor pro-tem."

Pry asked that his resignation be effective at the close of the council's regular session on Oct. 5. The resignation only pertained to his position as mayor pro-tem. Pry will remain as south ward alderman.

Silence followed Pry's request until Mayor Holle asked the council for a motion to accept or reject Pry's resignation request.

Alderman Bill Hill spoke first and said he would reluctantly make a motion to accept Pry's resignation.

"I think Mark's done a fine job for us, but I respect his wishes," said Hill.

Alderman Terry Heinz seconded Hill's motion with the same sentiment.

"I concur that Mark's done a good job at mayor pro-tem, but if that's what he wants so be it," said Heinz.

The motion carried with Heinz, Hill and Darrell Ledenham voting "yes."

Later in the meeting, Mayor Holle entertained a motion for the election of a new mayor pro-tem to replace Pry. Ledenham nominated Hill for the position, and Hill declined, citing an increased workload. Hill then made a motion to elect Ledenham as mayor pro-tem, but Ledenham also declined. Finally, a motion was made by Hill to elect Heinz as mayor pro-tem, and the motion carried.

In other business, the council:

* Approved a $88,741 contract with Hutchens Construction to pave the road in the Sherwood Forest subdivision. City Administrator Eugene Dilbeck said a pre-construction meeting with the engineers and Hutchens was set for Thursday, Oct. 7 at 4 p.m. A meeting with Sherwood Forest homeowners would follow at 5 p.m. That meeting will give residents an opportunity to ask questions about the project. Hutchens has until Nov. 14 to complete the paving work.

* Voted to approve an ordinance authorizing a $22,400 change order request from Seven Valleys Construction for the Southern Hills sewer project. The changes were due to the need for additional backfill plus installation of a grinder pump and trenching for the pump lines. According to Dilbeck, the change order brings the project total to $817,602.57, which is still under the $826,053.75 contract amount.

* Received an update on the DREAM Initiative. Dilbeck reported that a DREAM contingent would be traveling to Cassville for an all-day meeting with city and community leaders on Oct. 27. "At that meeting, we'll be offered an opportunity to make a presentation about what we want out of DREAM," said Dilbeck. "We'll know a lot more after we have that meeting. That will start the process."

* Approved a series of purchase orders for the wastewater treatment plant under the council's consent agenda. The following purchase orders were approved: $4,100 to Central Blower, LLC, for a roots blower; $4,764 to Siemens Water Technologies for aeration basin diffuser repair; $138,446 to Davis Structure and Development for Vulcan VMR multi-rake barscreen; and $86,916.37 to I Kurgar, Inc., for micron right and left hand filter panels. A $59,323.05 payment to Kenny Singer Construction Co. was also approved for work completed on the Southern Hills water line project.

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