City council approves logo

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Cassville City Council approved a new city logo graphic and tag line at its regularly scheduled meeting on June 19.

"We presented the logos to the Cassville Chamber of Commerce Board, the IDC (Industrial Development Corporation), all of the citizen task forces and the city employees," said Lynette Dilbeck, economic development director. "We received over 30 written sheets in addition to the comments we received from the groups."

According to Lynette, the graphic that received the most positive feedback was also the one selected by both the Young Citizens Task Force and the Senior Citizens Task Force.

"We are recommending the graphic with the tree, hills and stream," said Lynette. "This conveys the natural aspects of Cassville, but we also needed a tag line that was flexible, which we could use to promote hometown pride, economic development, commerce and other aspects of the city."

A new tag line was developed to use with the logo. The new tag line can be adapted for different events. For instance, if the city is promoting commerce, the tag line will read "Commerce. It's in our nature." If the city is promoting hometown pride, it will read "Hometown pride is in our nature."

"This tag line will give us what we need to promote the city," said Lynette.

City Administrator Eugene Dilbeck stated that he agreed with Lynette's recommendation for the city's new logo and tag line.

"Whether you are coming to Cassville to visit or live nature is a part of our area," said Eugene. "This also speaks to the people of our area who have it in their nature to be a certain way."

At the close of Lynette's presentation, the council approved her recommendation for the city's new logo graphic and tag line.

Tyson Markham, of McLiney and Company, attended the council meeting to present the aldermen with the terms of a $1.18 million lease purchase agreement, which will be used to complete a variety of water and sewer improvement projects.

According to the agreement, the city will be charged 4.25 percent interest for the 10-year lease purchase agreement. McLiney and Company will charge 5 percent to issue the bonds for the agreement.

"At closing, the city will receive $1,003,000 in its project fund," said Markham. "We will also place $118,000 in a reserve fund. This is the city's money and it will be placed in an interest bearing account for emergencies or the last principal payment that will be due in 2020."

The City of Cassville will pay interest only on the lease purchase agreement for the first four years. The first principal and interest payment, which will be around $230,000, will be due in 2014. At that time, the city's development agreement with Walmart will be paid off.

"The city can pay off the lease purchase agreement anytime after Aug. 1 of 2015," said Markham. "You will have three years to use the money that is placed in your project fund. Any money that is not used will go toward the debt service payment. This will be secured with the city's sewer system and any improvements made to that system."

Don Cupps, city attorney, reviewed the lease purchase agreement prior to the meeting, said Eugene.

"The rates are in line with the industry standard," said Eugene. "I am very comfortable with the fees and the price. This deal will give us the flexibility to fix the things we need to fix right now. The city's finances look good. I don't see a down side to this agreement."

Eugene pointed out that the city has immediate needs including water tower maintenance projects and sewer system improvements, which will cost around $500,000.

The council approved the $1.18 million lease purchase agreement with a three-to-one vote. Alderman Mark Pry opposed the motion.

Angela Seymour, Crowder College Cassville Campus director, also addressed the aldermen to request assistance with a sign project.

"We have received approval from MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation) to place signage on Highway 37," said Seymour. "This is the first time we have received approval to have the words 'Cassville Campus' placed on a sign."

The Crowder College Cassville Campus would like to place two signs at the intersection of Highway 37 and Business 37. Administrators would also like to place two signs on Business 37 near the college campus.

"I have to let MoDOT know what we want to do by Aug. 1," said Seymour. "The cost for each sign is $2,200. I have received some funding from IDC and will receive some from the Crowder College Neosho Campus.

"We continue to have budget cuts every year," said Seymour. "We are asking the community to help support this project so that we can place signs on Highway 37. This will say a lot about the Cassville community and what we have available."

Mayor Tracy Holle recommended the council pay for at least one of the signs.

"Barry County is not in Crowder's taxing district," said Eugene. "We are not paying anything toward the main campus so we have a little more pressure on us to step up and help.

"The college is a great asset to our community that will help us recruit businesses here and keep businesses here," said Eugene. "It is also very valuable to our young people. I think we need to step up and embrace our campus and support it in any way we can."

Alderman Terry Heinz made a motion to provide the Crowder College Cassville Campus with $4,400, which will purchase two of the signs. The council approved the motion with a three-to-one vote. Pry opposed the motion.

In other business, the Cassville City Council:

* Approved an ordinance that authorizes Kenny Singer Construction Company, Inc., to proceed with the Southern Hills water line replacement project.

* Voted to pay Bucher, Willis and Ratliff $41,035 for engineering services related to the Cassville Municipal Airport lighting and runway improvement project.

*Amended the municipal code to allow officers to issue citations to individuals who fail to appear in court.

* Received a mid-year financial update, which showed that sales tax revenues are currently down 1.9 percent.

* Heard that the Planning and Zoning Commission has decided to rezone a portion of the industrial park from light industrial to commercial property.

* Received an update on water tower inspections.

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