Projects to improve local college campus

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crowder College Cassville Campus students will return to classes in less than six weeks. In addition to hosting enrollment activities the local college is working to improve facilities for students.

"Academically, we are doing very well," said Angela Seymour, Crowder College Cassville Campus director. "We have a lot of new things starting. Now, we are trying to work on our landscaping and beautification of the campus."

One of the college's current projects will locate signs at the intersection of Highway 37 and Business 37 and on Business 37 near the Cassville Campus.

"The signs will read 'Crowder College Cassville Campus,' which will be great for the Cassville community," said Seymour. "It will be wonderful to have signs on Highway 37 that indicate that we have a college campus in Cassville.

"I believe this will impress people going by and show that Cassville is a great community," said Seymour. "It will also benefit the city, because this is one of the things new industries look at when considering expanding operations to a town."

The Cassville Campus is currently working with the Missouri Department of Transportation on the sign project, which will cost $8,800. Although Crowder College in Neosho will contribute to the project, the local campus is seeking community support to help pay for the new signs.

"We are asking the city to help with this project, and I am also working with some other groups in the community to gather support," said Seymour. "Private donations for this would be fantastic too. This is quite a chunk of change for the local college."

The Crowder College Cassville Campus will also be raising funds to purchase and install signs on each of the buildings at the new campus, which was constructed on Business 37 last summer, and to complete landscaping the grounds.

"We worked very hard to make the inside of the buildings the best environment for educating students," said Seymour. "Now we would like to expand those efforts outside by adding grass, flowers and seating for our students.

"We have students who have volunteered to provide labor for the improvements, and we have had a lot of donations already, including landscaping rock and top soil," said Seymour. "But our state budget is cut every year, and we would love to receive community support to further improve the campus."

In addition to monetary and material donations, the Cassville Campus will accept volunteer labor and other services, such as heavy equipment services.

"We have some exciting things going on at the Cassville Campus," said Seymour. "The CNA program, which started as a pilot program in Cassville this summer, will be returning in the fall. Our EMT and nursing programs are also going strong.

"Dr. Heidi Henderson began working full-time to expand the addictions counseling professionals program in April," said Seymour. "We are also increasing the number of sections of classes we offer."

Even though Cassville Campus administrators estimated that it would take more than a year to begin using all of the classrooms at the new facility, Seymour said all classrooms are already full.

"We thought we would have time to grow into the new campus, but we continue to have a high demand for classes," said Seymour. "Many of our students are amazed by the campus feel that we offer them inside the new facility. Now, we want people to drive past and see a nice lawn and beautiful trees too."

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