Memorial holiday enjoyed outdoors

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Warm, sunny weather motivated many area residents and vacationers to spend quality family time outdoors over the Memorial Day weekend. Area marinas saw an increase in lake traffic and Roaring River State Park sold over 3,600 trout tags during the holiday.

"We had a very nice weekend," said Gene Stimble, Campbell Point Marina owner. "A lot of people turned out to enjoy the lake. We had a good forecast, and the weather was great so the people came out for a busy weekend.

"April and May were really rainy, so I think a lot of people were ready to get outside," said Stimble. "I hope the weather remains good so that people continue to come out through the summer. I think it is going to be a good summer."

According to Darrell Tilford, Eagle Rock Marina owner, lake traffic also increased on the Eagle Rock side of Table Rock Lake.

"It was a great weekend, and lake traffic was very heavy," said Tilford. "If the weather continues to be nice, it will be a great year.

"The Fourth of July holiday is already shaping up nicely," said Tilford. "Our reservations for that weekend are better than they were for the Memorial holiday. We had no reservations last week, but the campgrounds all filled up. It was a fine weekend."

The Cassville Aquatic Center also saw an increase in usage this year. Michelle Bredeson, Cassville YMCA facility manager, said nearly 400 swimmers visited the pool on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

"It was 80 times better this year than last year," said Bredeson. "It was a phenomenal weekend. In fact, last week I bought concession items that I thought would last two or three weeks, but they ran us out of concessions in three days."

The Aquatic Center hosted a soft opening on Friday. Even though the pool was not officially open, over 150 swimmers spent the afternoon enjoying the water and the sun.

Roaring River State Park was another popular Memorial Day weekend destination.

"It was a lovely weekend," said Kerry Hays, Roaring River State Park assistant superintendent. "The weather was wonderful, and the campers were all pleased with their experience.

"We had more campers this year than we did last year," said Hays, "and we had not problems in the park during the weekend."

The park store sold over 3,600 trout tags during the Memorial Day weekend. Tag sales were as follows: 469 on Friday; 1,145 on Saturday; 1,143 on Sunday; and 878 on Monday.

"We had no problems," said Paul Spurgeon, hatchery manager. "Everything went smoothly, and I heard there was good fishing during the weekend.

"We had fantastic weather," said Spurgeon. "A lot of people visited the hatchery, and there were many people out feeding the fish during the holiday."

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