Thank you for making Cassville great

Thursday, January 28, 2010

On Saturday night, local community members gathered in the Cassville High School commons area for the Cassville Area Chamber of Commerce's annual membership banquet. This yearly event gives chamber members and other community leaders an opportunity to come together and celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and plans for the coming year.

This year, outgoing Chamber President Richard Asbill introduced an audience participation activity by asking those in attendance to vocally congratulate each group and individual recognized during the banquet. Although this was met with some laughter, it reminded those in attendance of the many things that Cassville community members have to be thankful for.

Even though the United States continues to struggle financially and unemployment is at an all time high, Cassville residents can be thankful that they live in a city that only saw a 2.1 percent decrease in sales tax in 2009. Not only is Cassville currently well positioned to continue to weather the nation's economic storm, but city leaders have also made plans to capitalize on stimulus funding available through the American Recovery and Revitalization Act (ARRA) and developed a master plan for future growth and job creation in Cassville.

The youth of our community continue to have an opportunity to receive an outstanding education. The Cassville School District employs over 250 men and women who are committed to providing the best instruction possible to give each student an opportunity to succeed in college or the workforce.

Cassville also has a strong business community that strives to support its youth and local residents by offering sponsorships for numerous activities, college scholarships for dozens of CHS graduates and customer appreciation events for the entire community. These businesses also employ countless Cassville residents as well as members of neighboring communities.

Partnering with the city, the school district and the business community, the Cassville Area Chamber of Commerce has successfully developed community events and supported community projects that have enhanced the entire Cassville area. The chamber also promotes Cassville at several trade shows and other events each year, and through its downtown Cassville office provides a resource for individuals visiting or planning to move to the area.

Each elected official, school district staff member, business leader and community member has contributed to Cassville's success. Whether you attended a master planning session or a school concert, chose to shop locally or enjoyed one of the Cassville Chamber of Commerce's numerous community activities last year, you helped contribute to our community. So, in the words of Richard Asbill, which were recited by 150 community members at this year's Cassville Chamber of Commerce banquet, "Thank you for making Cassville great."

Lindsay Reed