Hydro to consolidate Cassville facilty into Monett operations

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hydro Aluminum has announced plans to consolidate its Cassville facility into the company's operations in Monett, which will move a number of jobs to Monett.

"Consolidating the Cassville operations into Monett will improve our responsiveness to customers and increase our operating efficiency," said Rhonda Wright, vice president and general manager of Hydro's central region.

"The fabrication services that have been centered at Cassville are an increasingly important part of our future," continued Wright. "Our customers will benefit from having all our operations, casting, extrusion, paint and fabrication, at one site."

In 2000 Hydro acquired the Wells Aluminum facilities that had operated in Monett since 1965 and in Cassville since 1973. Both plants were expanded over the years. For many years the plants provided approximately 300 jobs. The two facilities currently employ approximately 165 people.

"With the improvements we've been able to reorganize the plant, improve material flow and create the space needed to accommodate our fabrication operations," Wright said.

Final decisions have not been made on staffing requirements for the consolidated operations. It is expected Cassville employees will be offered employment in the expanded Monett operation.

Physical consolidation of the facilities is expected to begin in December. The process will be completed near the end of the first quarter of 2010.

Hydro's Extrusion Americas unit, whose only Missouri facilities are the two located in Barry County, includes a casthouse that converts recycled aluminum into extrusion billet, extrusion, painting and fabrication.

The parent company, Norsk Hydro, is a global supplier of aluminum and aluminum products.

Norsk Hydro employs 23,000 people in 40 countries and has activities on all continents. In North America, Hydro provides aluminum solutions, including supply sourcing, extrusion, finishing and fabrication of components, as well as engineering and contract manufacturing services for various industries.

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