New Crowder College to open Aug. 24

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crowder College will begin moving into the new Cassville Center on Business 37 this summer. The college will officially take possession of the new campus on Aug. 1, and classes are scheduled to begin at the center on Aug. 24.

"Right now the big thing is timing the move of the technology and phone systems," said Angela Seymour, Crowder College Cassville Center director. "We want to move the system with as little down time as possible."

Students who attend Crowder College classes in Cassville have the opportunity to participate in four-week or eight-week summer sessions. The four-week summer session will conclude on June 26.

"Around the first of July we will begin moving some of our furniture and equipment to the new campus," said Seymour. "Our other summer classes will end on July 24, and we will move the bulk of our furniture the week after that."

The Cassville Rotary Club has volunteered to assist college staff members in moving furniture to the new campus. Several work days will be scheduled next month.

Maintenance staff from the Crowder College Neosho campus will be in charge of moving the college's science laboratory equipment, and Neosho campus technology personnel will visit Cassville on July 28 to transfer the college's Internet and phone services to the new campus.

"They will have to tear our server down here and rebuild it there," said Seymour. "The good thing is that all the connections are done, and all the cables have been run. We don't expect to be down more than a day even with glitches."

Administrative staff will be available to advise and enroll students for fall semester classes during the technology transfer. Enrollment information received during the transfer will be entered into the computer system the next day.

"We will hold a grand opening celebration on Sept. 17," said Seymour. "We don't have all the details worked out yet, but we will have an open house and a ceremony during the event."

The new Crowder College Cassville Center will offer students 14 new classrooms, a student lounge, a computer lab, a nursing skills lab and a resource room. The new campus will also offer faculty offices and a book store.

"The store will have all of the books, plus it will sell merchandise on a regular basis," said Seymour. "In the past, we have sold shirts and cups twice a year, but we will have those items available at all times.

"It will also have supplies, like calculators, flash drives, pens, pencils and paper," said Seymour. "The nursing students are required to buy a lot of their own supplies, so we will have those on hand, and we will have study cards available for every subject."

Nursing students will be required to wear Crowder College nursing scrubs, which students will be able to order through the book store.

The new campus will also offer a brand new computer lab, capable of serving 27 students, and campus-wide wireless services.

"We will be increasing the number of computers available for students," said Seymour. "We will also have technology in every classroom. Every room will have Internet services, a projector and a television and VCR. Some of the rooms will also have SMART Boards."

Crowder College has secured several grants to pay for the technology improvements. The college also received donations and gifts to equip its new nursing skills lab, which students will begin using in January of 2010.

Seymour said the college would welcome more donations for its nursing or psychology and substance abuse programs.

"We also need faculty," said Seymour. "We have so many classes that close, because we don't have enough teachers. We would love to add more classes if we had instructors for them."

Currently, the Crowder College Cassville Center is seeking instructors for day-time English, applied science, biology, economics and psychology classes. Other classes could be added to the college's schedule if instructors are interested in teaching them, said Seymour.

The Crowder College Cassville Center served around 350 students last year. Over 100 of the students attended classes at the college full-time.

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