"What lies ahead"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bare my heart unto the world,

and show me what it means.

Nothing can make sense to me,

Nothing is as it seems.

Things are not as simple

As I had once believed.

Can I face the world with

My childish dreams deceived?

I sail lost into the storm

And hear his thund'rous laugh.

He asks me what I'm doing

without a chart, map or graph?

I struggle for the answers,

But my mind is thrashed asunder,

"Will this be the end?" I ask,

"to die before the thunder?"

A hand touches my shoulder,

A voice whispers in my ear,

"You stand not alone in this,

So shed not another tear.

"The sky spans before you,

With wind beneath each wing.

Fly not with fear or sorrow,

But open your eyes and sing."

Light kisses my brow softly,

Hope kindles within my heart.

Beloved ones stand beside me,

And we shall never be apart.

I stand and face the storm,

My dreams are burning bright.

"Tisn't this day," I cry,

"That I shall end my plight!"

The world offers beginnings,

And each will have its end.

But now I stride forth ready

To take whatever life may send.