The unsung heroes of the CD

Monday, May 18, 2009

Each week, when you read your way through the pages of the Cassville Democrat, you will notice by-lines on articles and credits in photo captions but you won't find the names of the graphic artists listed on the ads they create. Each week, our talented graphic design team of Teresa Richards and Veronica Zucca use their talent and creative energy to produce the majority of the ads you see on the pages of our newspaper. They are a vital part of our newspaper team but their work carries no signature or credit. They've done their job if an ad catches your attention and entices you to visit a local business or buy a specific product, and let me tell you, they do their jobs well.

This month, Teresa and Veronica got the recognition they deserve. The pair earned nine statewide awards in the annual Missouri Ad Managers Association's contest. Their list of awards included:

* A first place award for the 2008 Progress Edition in the Best Special Section category.

* A first place award for a Park Cliff Log Cabins ad created by Veronica.

* A first place award for a "Just Got Better" house ad promoting the Cassville Democrat created by Veronica.

* A third place award for a full page "Tips for Teens: The Truth about Alcohol" ad created by Teresa for Cassville Community 2000.

* A third place award for the "Elegant: Bridal and Prom Guide."

* An honorable mention award for the 2008 edition of The Trout Times.

* An honorable mention for a sales promotion tool used to promote "Elegant: Bridal and Prom Guide."

* And an honorable mention award for the Cassville Wildcats state championship football tabloid.

The Cassville Democrat also won a first place award for Best Ad Content in the small weeklies division. This means judges looked at our newspaper and determined the ads in our newspaper, their design, and their placement were the best in the state for our size publication. This award is one that Veronica and Teresa share with our advertising sales representatives Robyn Blankenship and Jennifer Obermann, who sell the ads each week, and our office manager, Darlene Wierman, who "dummies" the pages and determines ad placement.

The staff we've assembled at the Cassville Democrat is top notch and award winning. Our success comes from working as a team, and our biggest reward comes when our readers choose to take a break from their busy schedules and sit down to read a copy of the Cassville Democrat from cover to cover. Many of our readers tell us they look forward to that weekly ritual, and it is our goal to continue producing a newspaper you look forward to receiving.

So this week, I pay tribute to Veronica and Teresa, our award-winning design team who have proven with this latest round of awards that they are among the very best in the state. I appreciate your creative vision, your ability to create exceptional ads under deadline pressure, your willingness to meet the needs of our advertising customers and your commitment to excellence. You are simply the best. ~ Lisa Schlichtman