Happy Mother's Day, Mom

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Webster's Dictionary defines a mother as a female parent. Throughout my life, my mother has been so much more than that. She was the one who took us to story hour at the Cassville Library each week. She was the one who kissed our knees when we fell off of our bikes. She was the one who cried each time we gave her flowers even when they were picked from a hillside behind our home. She was the one who, on her birthday, would have rather received something we made with our own two hands than any amount of jewelry.

My mother would do anything to encourage my brothers and I. She would sacrifice her own needs to ensure we received the tools to grow up to be successful adults. Even though she was employed full-time during part of our childhood, she always placed her job as our mother first.

Through my mother, I have learned the importance of manners and showing appreciation. We learned very early in our lives that you are required to say please and thank you in all situations. She also taught us about compassion, generosity and how to see things from other perspectives.

My mother taught us how to make friends, but she also taught us the importance of family. Even though we live more than a few miles apart, today, my brothers and I remain close because of the lessons learned from our mother.

In addition to supporting, encouraging and loving us, my mother has always taken the time to listen to all of our worries and concerns. She never dismisses our fears no matter how irrational they might be. Instead, she gives us advice to ease our minds and offers to assist in any way possible.

On Sunday, local families will have the opportunity to honor their mothers. This year, plan something special for your mother. Take a trip to the zoo or another location that you remember her taking you to as a kid. Arrange a picnic lunch at the park with all of her favorite foods, or rent a few movies that you know she will enjoy and spend a quite afternoon relaxing with her.

Whether you plan a family outing, a Mother's Day lunch or celebrate this special occasion in another way, make sure you take the time to tell your mother just how much she means to you. Sometimes our words mean more than presents and cards.

This weekend, my brothers and I will spend time with our mother. I hope that I can think of a creative way to show her just how much I appreciate all the times she has been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on or when I wanted to share some exciting news. Also, I know she has always been proud of me, but I hope that she is proud of herself for inspiring my brothers and I to become the individuals we are today.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you.

Lindsay Reed