Barry County Health department grants variance request

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Barry County Health Department Board of Trustees granted a wastewater system variance request at is regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 19.

The variance request for a lot in a Shell Knob subdivision will allow the property owner to place a septic tank six feet from the lot's property line instead of the standard 10 feet.

"The house placement does not give the property owner enough room to put the tank 10 feet from the property line," said Erin Garren, environmental public health specialist. "The tank is sealed, and only the tank will be placed closer to the property line. The rest of the system meets the requirements."

Board member Pauline Gage suggested the health department require the home owner attach a copy of the variance to the property deed that is located in the Barry County Courthouse. The board approved the variance request with Gage's suggestion.

In old business, the board reviewed two security system bids for the department's satellite office in Monett.

A video security system from EZ Watch Pro will cost $3,154. The system includes two interior and two exterior cameras.

S & S Security, of Joplin, submitted a bid for a motion detector security monitoring system that would call the police department if activated. The system would cost around $1,000, and monitoring services would cost $18 per month.

The board asked Kathleen King, administrator, to call the department's insurance company and inquire about discounts that are available for installing a security system. King was also asked to obtain bids for similar systems that could be placed at the office in Cassville.

In other business, the Barry County Health Department Board of Trustees:

* Heard that January's service fees decreased around 43 percent compared to fees collected in January of 2008.

*Reviewed the monthly service count, which showed that 1,025 services were provided at the Cassville office and 748 services were provided at the Monett office last month.

* Set a special meeting to discuss bid specifications for a building project that will increase the size of the Monett office.

* Authorized King to sign a Region D Memorandum of Understanding, which states that the health department will share available resources in the event of an emergency.

* Reviewed the monthly environmental report. According to the report, six wastewater systems were permitted, 12 routine food inspections were conducted and 281 product recalls were completed in January. The recalls were part of the nationwide recall of several peanut butter products.

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