Letter to the Editor

Proper protocol for flying the flag

Thursday, February 26, 2009

To the Editor:

I wish people would learn the proper protocol for flying the American Flag.

1) When a flag tatters, it should be replaced immediately. Continuing to fly a tattered flag is a disgrace to the American Flag.

2) Flags flown at night must be properly lighted.

3) When the flag is ordered to be flown at half staff (not half mast), it should be raised all the way to the top and then lowered to half staff. Although a number of officials order the flag to be flown at half staff, I have always been taught that only one person has that authority and that is the President of the United States.

When in doubt, ask a vet's organization. They can answer your questions and dispose of your worn out flags.


Ted Friesner

Golden, Missouri