Letter to the Editor

Purdy, Southwest players fun to watch

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear Editor:

I have been reading with interest the letters published in the area about the Purdy-Southwest games.

If you have never attended a game between these two teams, you should. The talent of the kids on both teams is exceptional. Josh Hartin and Levi Roller (of Southwest) are always an exciting duo to watch on the court. Blake Williams and Mason Roller (of Purdy) bring their own talent to the court as well.

Each team has an outstanding set of kids, and they draw a huge crowd every time they play each other, and I know that my family always looks forward to watching a game between these two teams. I apologize for not naming all the kids on each team, as they are all excellent players.

The rivalry is a strong one, and the excitement just permeates through the gym, through the crowd and through the players. Unfortunately, as with anything, there will always be those who are not satisfied to let the kids have fun and show off their talent. In this world that has become so politically correct, it is a shame to see the kids catch the fallout for what we have viewed as a good hearted, good natured rivalry that I hope continues.

You boys all do a great job of representing your schools on the court and you should be proud.


Robyn Poyner

A fan of all the players

Purdy, Missouri