Heralding a hero

Thursday, February 26, 2009

In tough times, it's always a good idea to look for blessings that are usually not hard to find if we just open our eyes and pay attention to the world around us. When my kids are going through challenges, I always remind them to focus on the good things in their life rather than the bad. So with that philosophy in mind, I'd like to share with you a story of something miraculous that happened to my family this past week.

As many of our readers already know, Mike and I were the target of a burglary last winter. Our home was broken in to and a large amount of our property was stolen. The most devastating loss we suffered was the theft of pieces of jewelry that were handed down to us by beloved family members. Probably the most sentimental piece of jewelry taken was a ring of Mike's. He's not one to wear flashy jewelry, but he did treasure a gold and diamond ring that was given to him by his parents following the death of his grandmother Jane. The ring was created by Tomblin's Jewelry using his grandmother's diamond earrings. It was not only beautiful but served to remind Mike of his grandmother's enduring love. As I write this, I find myself holding back tears as I think of Grandma Jane and the impact her life had on so many who knew her. She spent the last several years of her life living in Cassville, and I will be forever grateful for the time I got to spend with her. She was wise and really helped me understand God's love and His plan for my life. I miss her, but I know my husband misses her even more. He had a beautiful relationship with Jane, and I know he benefitted greatly from her unconditional love and acceptance. That ring symbolized his special bond with his grandmother, and when it was stolen, I know Mike grieved.

This summer, Doug Henry and Rob Evenson, detectives with the Barry County Sheriff's Department, were able to return some of our jewelry and other possessions that were stolen in the burglary. We were thrilled with their efforts and thought the recovery process was over. But out of the blue, Doug Henry showed up at the newspaper last week with Mike's ring in his hand. I couldn't believe it and immediately ran with the ring into Mike's office, leaving Doug standing alone in my office. To Mike and I, the return of Grandma Jane's ring was a miracle and a sign that even in horrible circumstances, God can bring about blessings.

Doug Henry is a hero in our estimation. He goes about his business of investigating and solving crimes with very few accolades. We will be forever grateful to Doug for his determination, hard work and "never give up" attitude. He asked us what items were most valuable to us, and he has now succeeded in returning the majority of those treasured possessions to us. Despite being overworked and underpaid, Doug never complains but instead takes great pride in the vital role he plays in our community, which involves protecting and serving the citizens of Barry County. Thank you Doug for being our hero.

I challenge you, our readers, to find reasons to be thankful and to take the time to let the heroes in your life know they are appreciated. Life can be discouraging, especially now in our current economic climate, so let's take this opportunity to spread encouragement everywhere we can.