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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Girls Action

* Lady Eagles trump Billings. The Purdy Lady Eagles hosted the Lady Wildcats of Billings last Monday night for a high-scoring game that heated up unexpectedly in the fourth period as the Lady Wildcats staged a major, albeit much too late, comeback that brought them within 11 points at the end of the contest to cap it off at 77-66 in favor of the Lady Eagles. Addy Roller topped the scoreboards for Purdy, tallying 24 points, including three shots from three-point territory. Shelby White contributed 15 points for the evening.

* Exeter KO's Blue Eye. The Lady Bulldogs came to Exeter last Monday only to find that the Lady Tigers were prepared to strike, and despite having a tie-ball game at halftime, Exeter went on to dominate the second half action finishing with a 53-45 advantage over Blue Eye. Whitney Edie added another 29 points to her record and Destani Stensrud delivered another 18 for the Lady Tigers.

* Lady Tigers crush Thomas Jefferson. The Lady Cavaliers at Thomas Jefferson hosted the Exeter Lady Tigers last Tuesday night for what turned out to be a massacre as Exeter held their hosts to a mere 7 points in the entire game as the Cavaliers were completely scoreless in the first and last periods of the game. Exeter won 52-7. Edie contributed the top figures for Exeter with 16 points on the night.

* Verona clocks Wheaton. The Wheaton Lady Bulldogs were hosts to the Verona Lady Wildcats last Tuesday in a contest that had the Lady Bulldogs struggling to stay close to Verona as the Wildcats outscored Wheaton throughout the entire game to gain a 41-30 victory. Micah Tichenor was the leading point-getter for Wheaton with 13 points.

* Lady Bulldogs defeat Cavaliers. The Lady Bulldogs of Wheaton took down Thomas Jefferson, outscoring the Lady Cavaliers for a three-period stretch to finish the contest with a final score of 43-22. Haley Goostree was the leading shooter for Wheaton, sinking 17 points, while Tichenor came up with 12 for the night.

* Lady Tigers drop Verona. The Lady Tigers showed a strong first half last Friday night as they pinned the Lady Wildcats down to a 28-12 deficit going into halftime, before going on to finish Verona with a final score of 56-39, despite Verona's strong performance in the second half. Edie put in 19 points for Exeter and Shelby Bowman provided another 14 for the Lady Tigers.

Boys Action

* The Cavaliers stomp Wheaton. The Thomas Jefferson Cavaliers got fired up Monday night as they squared off against the Wheaton Bulldogs, taking control of the game throughout each quarter as the Bulldogs struggled in vain to overtake their opponents and eventually fell 56-33. Donovan Bartkoski was the leading contributor for the Bulldogs, scoring 12 points.

* Tigers fall to Eagles. The host Eagles of Purdy treated themselves to a victory over Exeter last Monday night, gaining crucial leads in the second and third periods that allowed them to survive the Tigers' efforts in the first and fourth periods as Purdy took the game 50-28. Zach Wubker scored 12 points for the Tigers, while Blake Williams was the night's leading scorer for Purdy with 24 points.

* Cavaliers hammer the Exeter. It was bad news again for the Tigers last Tuesday night, as they suffered another massive defeat at the hands of the Thomas Jefferson Cavaliers, who pounded out a solid 52-18 victory over the Tigers. Wubker led his team once again, contributing 7 points in the loss.

* Verona squeezes past Wheaton. The Bulldogs lost to the Wildcats by painfully narrow margins in double-overtime last Tuesday night as Verona landed a 54-52 win over their hosts. Blake Dilbeck earned top figures for Wheaton, contributing 24 points for the Bulldogs.

* Thomas Jefferson swats down Wheaton. Although the Bulldogs played a much closer match against the Cavaliers on Friday night, tying the score by the end of the third period, Wheaton was unable to pull it off in the fourth, falling short by a mere two points to finish with a 43-41 loss. Blake Dilbeck commanded the court for the Bulldogs, shooting for 12 points on the night, along with Bartkoski who accumulated 11 points in the game.

* Verona slaps Exeter with a loss. In a match that resulted in arguably bizarre figures, the Verona Wildcats emerged the victors after weaving their way through a closely fought contest against the Exeter Tigers. The first half opened with Exeter taking a 22-6 advantage in the first quarter, only to be outscored 22-4 in the second period for a 26-28 halftime score. The action then took another turn as Exeter scored 11 points in both the third and fourth periods while Verona managed 10 in the third before going on to score 12 in the fourth to climb past the Tigers to a 50-48 victory. Scoring big for the Tigers Friday night were Wubker with 17 points, and Ryan Odenbrett who scored 16 points.

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