Letter to the Editor

We are proud to be Southwest Trojans

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dear Editor:

We have come together as a part of a very proud and active Southwest alumnus and community to address a situation we, as a community, witnessed Friday night, Feb. 6 at the Southwest vs. Purdy basketball game. After several years of attending basketball games we are not ashamed of our school "spirit" and community involvement. Our goal at Southwest is to get more school spirit and community members involved in our school activities. As a result, Friday night was a very successful and proud night for Southwest and its community.

There is no shame to be shifted on anyone. If anyone attends a basketball game in this day and time, they would realize that spirit is shown in every school.

You can count us in, for we have attended games recently and seen all other schools show their "spirit" and we will continue showing ours to the students at Southwest. Also, "kudos" to the Southwest student body and administration for the spirit that they showed at the game and for the spirit they will continue to show for years to come.

This was a great game and a big win for Southwest. We know there is power in the unity of the Southwest community and be glad to know in this unified power we are winners in every way. Together we will not cower behind the shroud of anonymity and try to bring down what we feel is a positive beginning to a strong program.


An extremely proud Southwest Alumnus and community members


Jerry and jeanne Hartin

Clay and Deborah Johns

Charles and Yulanda


Jerry Dale and Peggy Shrum

Kenny and Brenda


Terry and Cheryl Yoho

Travis and Tonya Starr

Scott and Susan Knoll

Les and Jane Hobbs

Ryan and Natasha Rawlins

Keith and Kit Eagon

Cindy Wright

Corie Dewitt

Kim Burkett