Seligman council to vote on pair of utility rate increases

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Seligman City Council discussed possible water and sewer usage rate increases at its regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 9.

After discussing the proposed water and sewer rate increases, the aldermen voted to consider two ordinances at the March council meeting.

The ordinances will increase the water usage rate for customers who live outside the city limits from $2 to $2.40 per 1,000 gallons over the 2,000-gallon minimum. The sewer rates would increase from $2.44 to $2.84 per 1,000 gallons over the 2,000-gallon minimum.

The aldermen also approved a $71,174.45 bid from Hutchens Construction for the city's 2009 street improvement plan. According to the bid, Hutchens Construction will charge $66.45 per ton for asphalt and $1.43 per square yard for chip and seal.

The city also received a $81,026.70 bid from 4-State Asphalt and a $100,315.29 bid from Blevins Construction. According to the bids, Blevins Construction charges from $73.30 to $88.88 per ton for asphalt and from $2.21 to $3.37 per square yard for chip and seal, and 4-State Asphalt charges $67.50 per ton for asphalt and $1.95 per square yard for chip and seal.

Hutchens Construction will complete chip and seal work on Heritage Heights, the south end of Walker, West Lightfoot and the south end of Eggleston. Asphalt work will be completed on Main Street from Highway DD to Ruby's gas station and from the Dollar General Store to Highway 37.

Seligman plans to share road work costs for Heritage Heights and Eggleston with the Sugar Creek Road District. This will help the city complete the majority of the project using budgeted funds. The city budgeted $66,274 for the street improvement plan.

The aldermen reviewed the January police department report, which showed 19 speeding citations and seven traffic warnings.

Other citations were given for driving with a suspended or revoked license, driving without insurance, driving without a valid license, defective equipment, failure to signal and possession of drug paraphernalia. There were four arrests and 18 service calls made last month.

In new business, the council voted to send City Clerk Joan Andrews to the Missouri Rural Water Association's annual conference in Columbia March 3 through March 5.

The Wastewater System of the Year Award will be announced during the conference. Seligman, Humansville and Princeton have been nominated for the award. The city also plans to submit a water sample for the Great American Water Taste Test.

In other business, the Seligman City Council:

* Approved a $3,800 bid from Kari Short for the city's old Taurus police car.

* Received an update on the adult education addition, which is now dried in. Doors were placed on the addition on Feb. 8, and insulation was installed on Feb. 11.

* Heard that the city received a $300 donation from the Seligman Greater Area Chamber of Commerce. The funds will be used to purchase tables and chairs for the community center. The funds could also help the city furnish its new adult education addition.

* Voted to disconnect the city police department's phone number. Area residents are encouraged to call 911 for emergency services.

* Heard that the Jerry Birt Water Association donated $1,000 to the city. The funds are to be used to place four-inch water line along Highway 112.

* Decided to ask the Missouri Department of Transportation to place a guard rail along Highway 37 near Butler Hollow.

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