Officers help catch man with kiddie porn

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Officers from the Cassville Police Department and the Barry County Sheriff's Department were asked to assist with the capture of a Thai man who was arrested last Friday in Joplin on child pornography charges.

Cassville Police Sgt. Larry Roller and Barry County Detective Brian Martin helped the Joplin Police Department execute a search warrant at the home of Sira Noitip, 26, of Thailand. Noitip was living in the United States on a tourist visa.

Photographs, videos and pictures stored on a computer were recovered from Noitip's residence, according to Joplin police reports. Noitip has been charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

Roller and Martin were asked to help perform on-site previews on the computers found in Noitip's possession.

"These previews take about an hour, and there were seven computers included in this search warrant," said Sgt. Roller. "If you do a forensic exam on a computer, it takes about a week."

The previews are conducted to determine whether or not the computer's hard drive contains evidence of criminal activity. If so, the computers are seized, and forensic exams are done on them.

"There's no sense taking computers you don't need," said Roller.

Martin and Roller have taken several classes on cyber crime and were asked to assist with the Joplin child pornography investigation because of their specialized training, Roller said.

Noitip is also expected to face federal child pornography charges, which will be filed by the United States Attorney's Office in Springfield.

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