Washburn discusses public works issues

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Washburn City Council discussed several public works issues at its regularly scheduled meeting on Nov. 13, 2008.

Mark Brooks, water and wastewater superintendent, recommended the council purchase chlorinating machines for each of the city's wells to help ensure water quality. The aldermen approved the recommendation and voted to purchase two chlorinating machines for $1,800.

It was also brought to the attention of the council that an auto reader was excluded from the water system improvement project bid. The reader will record the number of gallons of water that the city's system pumps and loses. The aldermen voted to purchase an auto reader for well #1 for $1,600.

Brooks also reported that Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) representative Wally Miller suggested the city purchase a chlorine meter, which will cost around $100. No motion was made regarding this issue.

The council discussed options for using any SFR funds that remain after the city's water improvement project has been completed.

City Clerk Sue Rose stated that she contacted Chris Erisman, of Allgeier, Martin and Associates, who referred her to Jeff Pinson at DNR. According to Pinson, the soft-start and stop equipment for the old well and a building for a new generator could be purchased with the remaining money.

The city will not be able to use the funds to purchase a portable sub-pump, because the pump would not be used for water services only.

Rose requested the aldermen appoint a representative to sign the preliminary application for a 2009 SRF loan that would be used for sewer system improvements.

The council voted to authorize Mayor Scott Young to sign the preliminary paperwork to place Washburn on the list for 2009 loans.

In new business, Brooks reported that the fee for meter hook-ups needs to be adjusted. The current fee is $200 for residents who live inside the city limits and $400 for residents who live outside the city limits.

According to Brooks, the actual cost for meter hookups is $307.69 plus the cost of saddles and poly tubing. Brooks suggested the council increase the meter hook-up fee and review the city's costs once every six months.

The aldermen voted to change the meter hook-up fee to actual cost plus 25 percent. Residents who live outside the city limits will be charged an increased fee for meter hook-ups. The fees will be reviewed twice a year.

In other business, the Washburn City Council:

* Voted to have a complete diagnostic check and full maintenance service performed on the new police vehicle.

* Directed Brooks to search the Internet and equipment trade books for a blade and hydraulic lift for the city's dump truck.

*Discussed costs associated with insuring the city's new trailer.

* Tabled a yard maintenance ordinance.

* Approved a quit claim agreement to give a 20-foot easement back to Leston and Sheri Reeves.

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