Computer-based reading program new at WES

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Wheaton R-III School District will begin using a new computer-based elementary school reading program this month. The program is designed to improve reading skills in the second through fifth grades.

"This is a reading program that will be used as another education tier for students who are not reading at benchmark," said Eileen Ford, Wheaton Elementary School principal. "The program is called I-Station or Imagination Station."

I-Station is compatible with DIBBLES, which the district uses to evaluate the reading level of each elementary school student.

"The program designs the instruction to meet the student's specific needs," said Ford.

The I-Station program focuses on phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and other reading skills. It will allow the district to give students an additional 30 minutes of reading instruction after school each day.

"Around 40 students have been identified to use the program this year," said Ford. "Some of those kids are very close to being at benchmark. As they reach benchmark, they will be rotated out of the program and we will be able to put other students in their place."

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