Sheriff's office creates employee recognition program

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Barry County Sheriff's Department created a program in 2008 to honor outstanding members of its staff through an Employee of the Month recognition program. On Tuesday, Jan Smith, jail administrator, released a list of 2008 Employee of the Month recipients along with descriptions of their outstanding service to the department.

* January Employee of the Month was Larry Robbins, assistant jail administrator. He was honored for his willingness to help out wherever is necessary. Robbins handles the operation of the jail efficiently when jail administrator is not present. He is capable of handling any situation that might arise in the jail environment, and he also occasionally assists with transports.

* February Employee of the Month was Detective Doug Henry. Henry solved several burglary cases during a short period of time. He puts in a lot of man hours and diligence in order to make arrests. Henry is thorough and professional in his job and is an asset to the Sheriff's Department.

* March Employee of the Month was Deputy Lynn Scott. Scott stepped in and served an enormous amount of civil process papers in the absence of the civil process deputy. She was also instrumental in solving some burglary cases that occurred during March.

* April Employee of the Month was Detective Brian Martin. Martin is instrumental in charging alleged offenders for sex crimes. He works diligently with the Children's Protection Agency in getting sex offenders off the streets.

* May Employee of the Month was Lee Schroeder, correctional officer supervisor. Schroeder showed a professional and organized efficiency in the jail for second shift. He gives a lot of his own time in order to make sure that all operations on the second shift are being handled properly and safely.

* June Employee of the Month was Lieutenant Terry Meek. Meek has shown strong leadership qualities and the ability to organize the deputy staff that he is responsible for. He has a professional attitude and consideration with the public and has risen through the ranks quickly due to his outstanding performance as a deputy and supervisor.

* July Employee of the Month was Jan Smith, jail administrator. Smith is responsible for the operation, safety and well-being of all jail staff and inmates. With the constant overcrowding, Smith has maintained compliance, organization and safety. She has increased the accuracy of jail billing and has established good communication between herself, the staff and the inmates. Smith is also designing the Barry County Sheriff's Department website, which she will maintain.

* August Employee of the Month was Gary Snook, transport and road deputy. Snook has traveled over 250,000 miles so far to transport inmates. He has maintained a perfect road safety status and maintains a precise organization of all writs and transports.

* September Employee of the Months was Detective Brian Landreth. Landreth is professional and attentive with anyone who needs law enforcement assistance. He is knowledgeable and helpful to those who require assistance and is an outstanding example for those working at the Barry County Sheriff's Department.

* October Employee of the Month was Deputy Carl Cosper. Cosper is efficient and professional in his duties as a road deputy. He has always been helpful to anyone in need. Cosper also has a remarkable talent with woodworking and has donated some of his works in order to raise funds for various charities.

* November Employee of the Months was Jim Smith, senior correctional officer. One of Smith's responsibilities is to transport the inmates to and from court. He is efficient and professional in this task. In addition, he is first to volunteer if there is a need to cover another shift and he works diligently to help keep the maintenance of the jail in good working order. Jim Smith has good communication and an understanding with the inmates and is able to maintain compliance with minimal confrontation.

* December Employee of the Months was Jena Smith, civil process clerk. With the increasing work load of the civil process, Jena Smith has maintained efficiency and accuracy with the paperwork with approximately 300 to 350 civil process papers served each month. In addition to her civil process responsibility, she also works as one of the secretaries in the administrative office.

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