Butterfield City Council approves pay agreement

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Butterfield City Council approved a pay agreement with the city's new wastewater operator at its regularly scheduled meeting on Dec. 22.

The aldermen voted to pay Kevin Asbury, wastewater operator, as a contract employee. Asbury will receive a flat fee of $25 for each trip that he makes to Butterfield to perform routine checks on the city's treatment plant and lift stations.

The council also decided to create a list of job responsibilities for Asbury's new position. The list will include all required testing and other regular maintenance services.

The aldermen also discussed a public works issue during the meeting. Larry Privett, city water operator, reported that several water meters located in a driveway that is being used by the Butterfield Road District may have been damaged.

After a lengthy discussion about the meters and other materials that were placed on the property before the road district began using the area, the aldermen decided to bill the district for replacement costs for any of the meters or lids that have been broken.

The council also discussed the city's annual audit and directed City Clerk Georgia Wenell to obtain estimates for auditing services. The estimates will be presented to the aldermen at the January council meeting.

In new business, the aldermen discussed the 2009 budget. The city could consider cuts in labor costs this year. A budget proposal will be presented to the council next month.

In other business, the Butterfield City Council tabled a review of the annual personnel evaluations and a discussion on city building codes.

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