CHS Ladycats fare well in Neosho tournament

Saturday, August 8, 2009

By Travis Mounce

Despite the loss handed to the Ladycats by the Seneca Lady Indians last Monday, Cassville came through the Neosho Tournament with some big wins, including an impressive victory against McDonald County that avenged an earlier season loss.

Cassville edges past Ruskin

The Ladycats faced tough competition against the Kansas City Ruskin Lady Golden Eagles in the opening round of the tournament. The game would be the first of two games that Cassville would play that day.

The pace in the Ruskin game was lively, with control changing hands for three periods, leaving a most uncertain fourth period as the game drew near a close.

Ruskin came out strong in the first period, taking an early 19-12 advantage over Cassville, but as the second period began, it was clear that the Ladycats were not going to be an easy match as they went on to outscore the Lady Golden Eagles 17-8 for the quarter, making it a 29-27 game going into halftime.

When the second half got underway, Ruskin managed to put up 13 points to Cassville's 9 for the third period, and although it left the outcome of the game wide-open, the Ladycats would go on to prove themselves the victors in the fourth, keeping the Lady Golden Eagles within 2 points reach until the clock ran out. The final score was 54-50 in favor of the Ladycats.

Hannah Elkins led the team in scoring with 13 points for the match, while Emily Orrell was close behind contributing 12 points for Cassville.

Other players who put points on the board for the Ladycats were Kennadi Howard, who scored 9 points, Gail Edie and Jaime Everett, who put up 8 apiece, and Marti Richmiller, who scored 4 points in the game.

Cassville defeated by Seneca

After a hard-fought game against Ruskin, the Ladycats turned right around and faced off against Seneca Unfortunately, the Lady Indians would prove to be victorious after yet another closely played match that would leave the Ladycats down by three points as the contest came to a close.

Eleven seemed to be the magic number as each period saw the prevailing team tally exactly 11 points.

What made the real difference, however, would turn out to be the deficit by which each team would lose their battles from period to period as both the Lady Indians and the Ladycats dominated two periods, apiece.

In the first period, the Ladycats enjoyed the lead with Seneca putting up only 9 points to the Ladycats' 11. In the second period the Ladycats only tallied 8 while Seneca managed 11 points, placing the score at 20-19 in the Lady Indians' favor going into halftime.

When the two teams hit the court again, Seneca put up 10 against the Ladycats, who were able to score 11 points to even the score at 30-30 going into the final stanza.

The fourth period came to an end with the Lady Indians scoring 11 again, while the Ladycats put only 9 points on the board for a closing score of 42-39 with Seneca on top.

Elkins again led Cassville's offense with 15 points. Richmiller also scored in the double digits, contributing 10 points. Other Ladycat scorers were: Orrell, Howard and Gail Edie, 4 each; and Everett, 2 points.

Ladycats take down Mc-County with a vengeance

Last Tuesday, the Ladycats were on the hardwood once again in hot pursuit of the McDonald County Lady Mustangs as Cassville hoped to even the score from their previous loss earlier in the season.

The Ladycats took charge of three out of four periods against the Lady Mustangs, scoring in the double digits during each quarter, while holding McDonald County to single digit scores in two quarters.

Cassville controlled the first quarter with a 13-8 lead, but the Lady Mustangs hammered out 14 points in the second period to the Ladycats' 10 points to leave Cassville with a slim 23-22 advantage going into halftime.

The third period proved crucial for the Ladycats as Cassville nailed 12 points while holding McDonald County to a meager 4 points.

The Lady Mustangs tried to make a late surge but their effort fell short as the Ladycats outscored them once again and earned an impressive 47-37 win.

Orrell took charge of this game and put 20 points on the Cassville scoreboard. Other Ladycat scorers were: Elkins. 9 points, Richmiller and Edie, 6 each; Howard, 4 points; and Everett, 2 points.

Cassville downs Morrilton by narrow margin

Momentum seemed to peak and crash during the tight game that took place last Wednesday as the Ladycats faced the Lady Devil Dogs of Morrilton, Ark., in the consolation match of the Neosho Tournament.

The Ladycats came out swinging and led 13-10 after the first period. The Lady Devil Dogs came back in the second quarter and managed to grab the lead at 24-22 going into halftime.

As the third period got underway, the Ladycats once again vaulted over the Lady Devil Dogs, outscoring them 10-4, but things shifted quickly in Morrilton's favor again as they retaliated with a 14-point run. Their effort was not enough as Cassville claimed the narrow 43-42 victory.

Elkins had another strong game, tallying 20 points. Other members of the Ladycat squad who contributed to the Ladycats' victory were: Edie, 8 points; Orrell, 6 points; Richmiller, 5 points; and Everett and Ariel Oswald, 2 points each.

Head Coach Chris Shore spoke highly of his team and their efforts in the tournament last week.

"I was really proud of our team," said Coach Shore. "We played hard and really showed a deep desire to win. It was big for us to avenge the earlier 25-point loss to Mac County and come back to beat them."

The Ladycats will hit the road again to play Blue Eye on Jan. 8 and will host Mt. Vernon on Jan. 15.

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