Fire chief recommends 911 test call

Friday, December 26, 2008

Eagle Rock-Golden-Mano Fire Chief Ron Creek recommends all area residents call 911 to ensure that their address is correct in the county's emergency system.

"Even if you have your new address it is possible you may not be in the 911 system," said Creek.

Barry County E-911 Director Pat Leighter agrees that a test call to the local operations center could be beneficial for local residents.

"When we placed the address cards at residences we only received around 60 percent of them back," said Leighter. "It probably wouldn't be a bad idea for residents to call in."

When individuals call 911, the dispatcher who answers the call should be able to see a digital image of the caller's location and the address of the residence where the call is made. A test call to the E-911 center will ensure that a caller can be located quickly during an emergency.

Creek also reminds local residents to clean the flue before burning any wood in a fireplace and to exercise caution when using portable heaters during the winter months.

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