Exeter project nearly complete

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The City of Exeter has nearly completed its drinking water system improvement project. All city residents should be hooked up to the new system and the majority of the project should be complete by the end of December.

"We are finishing most of the hook-ups this week," said Raymond Vanzandt, resident project representative. "We will still have some dirt work to finish, and the seed and straw work will be done in the spring. The temperatures are too low for that right now.

"The chip and seal repairs will also be done in the spring," said Vanzandt. "We have a few odds and ends to finish up but most of the project should be done within the next three weeks."

C-2 Projects, LLC, was awarded a $1,361,711.40 bid for improvements to the city's water distribution system in January. In April, crews began installing around 39,000 feet of six-inch water main throughout the city.

"All of the lines have been pressure tested, the disinfections have been done and the lines have received state approval," said Vanzandt. "We were required to send two samples to the state from two days in a row and those have all passed.

"We have been hooking up residents since Sept. 30," said Vanzandt. "Once we had a section approved, we would start hooking people up."

C-2 Projects had different crew members working in different areas around the city throughout the project.

"When a section was completed, we would pressure it up, and if it passed, we would disinfect it," said Vanzandt. "Then we would take samples, and once they passed, we were ready to hook up the residents."

New water lines were installed along the old water lines, which will remain in place but become dormant when the water improvement project has been completed.

"We have three houses left to switch off of the old line onto the new," said Vanzandt.

Hogan's, Inc., has disinfected the city's existing 50,000-gallon storage tank. In January, the company was awarded a $81,451 contract for the renovation work, which included repairing a leak on the bottom of the tank, upgrading the tank lids and installing new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) approved ladders on the tower.

"We sandblasted the interior of the tank and pressure washed and painted the exterior," said Vanzandt. "We have also added new vaults around the base of the tower for better control of the system. We hope this will help it last us another 50 years."

Caldwell Tanks, Inc., of Louisville, Ky., completed the city's new 200,000-gallon tank in August. The company won a $422,000 contract for the completion of the multi-column, elevated storage tank in January.

"We are doing the disinfection on the new tank right now," said Vanzandt. "Next week, we will pull samples from that tank also."

The water system improvement project will cost Exeter $2,202,300. Material costs have increased the project total by around $500,000.

Exeter's water system improvement project is being financed by low-interest loans and grants from the USDA-Rural Development and the Community Development Block Grant program. The city also received a Missouri Department of Natural Resources grant to fund the extra costs that were accumulated from the increase in material costs.

In addition to the water system improvements, the city's project called for the replacement of all existing water meters and fire hydrants and the addition of 41 new fire hydrants to the water system.

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