Letter to the Editor

Many deserve thanks for football success

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Editor:

With the recent football season, we have seen a community embrace a group of boys and a team to the town's first state championship. I congratulate the town and system for this.

I would like to mention some of the other members of the team that don't see as much of the spotlight. I want to thank Coach Rogers, Coach Lawson, Coach Weldy, Coach Woods and Coach Parnell for being truly class people that do a great job developing young men. Coach Large did a great job of surrounding himself with winners and that reflects winners.

We should thank the cheerleaders for always keeping the crowd going even in the miserable conditions of Monett. We should thank the school administration for being a constant supportive role in this recent success.

We should thank the people who put money out of their own pocket to make sure that every players and the band got to go to the Dome. Having the band above the crowd definitely gives you the college atmosphere. I have heard anywhere from 2,000 to 3,100 Wildcat fans were there. All I do know is that they were the best fans there on that weekend for any team.

We should thank the coaches in the middle school and Mighty Mites for molding these young men and women into what is today and the future. Lastly, we should thank the ones that give the most to this program and never ask for anything, the spouses and kids of the coaches and faculty. I am sure some would rather be on a beach in August than smelling sweat-filled shirts.

If you were at the Dome, please tell your friends that didn't go how good of an experience it was, maybe they will go the next time. From a member of the Wildcat nation, thanks to the fans. If you see one of these people, please thank them; I am sure they don't get it enough.


Dorenda Meek

Cassville, Missouri