Exeter School hosts food drive

Friday, November 28, 2008
The Exeter High School senior class purchased 200 paper bags for a school-wide food drive that was held on the R-VI School District campus over the last few weeks. The senior class includes: Alva Beck, Kyle Bowman, John Carter, Katie Chadd, Rogelio Crespo, Whitney Edie, Heather Erwin, Justin Evans, Allen Galindo, Keith Hayworth, Steven Hickman, Jordan Johnson, Mary Lee, Jennifer Malicoat, Leaann Maria Murphy, Ryan Odenbrett, Sean Powers, Dana Russell, Nicole Scherrer, Kasie Scott, Joseph Soole, Ty Stephens, James Tannery, Trenton Vanzandt and Jessica Williams. Democrat Photo

Exeter R-VI School District students collected several hundred canned goods and non-perishable food items during a food drive that was held at the school over the last few weeks. Christine Hammers, school nurse, planned the food drive to help local senior citizens during the holiday season.

"We decided to give groceries to all of the senior citizens living in Exeter regardless of the kind of house they live in or their income," said Hammers. "All senior citizens' income is so restricted and they each live on a certain amount of money per month.

"I talked to the student body and we all decided that we wanted to do this to give back, because these are the people who have supported them and helped build the community for them," said Hammers.

Exeter students also participated in a food drive competition. Students were asked to collect items for their classroom. The class that collected the most items will be rewarded with a popcorn, soda and movie party.

Sarah Skiles' third grade students collected 147 items for the food drive and secured first place in the classroom contest. Tiffany Cornman's second grade students collected 89 food items and will receive a second place reward. Individuals who donated 25 items or more will also be allowed to watch a movie.

The Exeter High School senior class purchased 200 paper bags for the school-wide food drive. Students in preschool through 12th grade decorated the paper bags with Thanksgiving artwork and messages.

On Nov. 21, high school students delivered around 40 food bags to senior citizens living in the Exeter community. The remaining bags will be available at the Exeter City Hall and the Exeter Cafe.

Senior citizens who live outside the city limits are encouraged to pick up a bag of groceries for their Thanksgiving dinner.

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