Letter to the Editor

Relief needed from obnoxious spray

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear Editor:

I am hoping to attract attention to a nuisance affecting the public's use of the library in Purdy. This unnecessary device sprays aerosol every few seconds into a closed room where our littlest library patrons gather for story hour with Ms. Berg every week.

Ostensibly the spray is meant to deter or kill flies. Several - no, many - of the people who pay to use the Purdy Community Center have commented unfavorably at the strong odor and are horrified that these two dispensers are still in use after many complaints directly to the city clerk and to the mayor.

Printed in plain sight on the aerosol canisters is the government code determining its proper usage. This substance is to be used only in agricultural buildings, never in rooms where food is served or where elderly or children congregate. Several Purdy Library patrons have been totally repelled from entering the adjoining library because of the continued use of this insecticide.

One of my acquaintances is so sensitive to chemicals that she must have reading material (bestsellers, newspapers, magazines, etc.) kept out of the building and checked out in absentia so that she has access to a larger world. She was a regular patron before the sprayer went in. Her tax dollars go to provide this service for all of us, and she is unable to cross the threshold of our library. Surely there is a legal precedent here?

The election workers commented on this obnoxious spray. So did the FEMA people.

Is there someone in the county seat who would like to speak legally, perhaps judiciously to the Purdy City Council for we, the library patrons?

Thank you,

Nancy Dotson

Purdy, Missouri