Cage of Honor event to feature female match-up

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This coming Friday, members from the Barry County Fight Club and the R.W.T.B. will travel to Lebanon to represent Cassville in an event presented by Cage of Honor.

Several people from the area are scheduled to fight and are slated to face a very diverse group of athletes from both near and far.

This week, one lady from Cassville will be going up against a Nebraska native who will be traveling here in the name of sportsmanship, honor and friendly competition.

What makes this fight so special is that while there are growing numbers of women who want to learn mixed martial arts, both for self-defense and competitive interests, there are still very few female fighters available to compete in many weight classes.

"There is a shortage of women fighters right now. There are currently only around 1,200 women in the four-state area", said J.D. Hunter, BCFC founder. "This weight class is particularly hard to match as there are not that many women of this size in good enough shape that have an interest in fighting."

Samantha King, member of BCFC, will be fighting Elise Hall in what Hunter hopes will be an even and exciting welter-weight match. "We just want to give these girls a chance to fight. Neither girl has ever fought, so experience isn't an issue," said Hunter.

Hall previously traveled to the area in hopes of competing at a past event; however. her competitor backed out at the last minute, leaving her to go back to Nebraska without a chance to compete.

For King, who stands at 5' 10", 170 pounds, this is the first time to enter an event and she plans to take it very seriously.

"I try to spend at least four hours a day training," said King.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about her decision to take up fighting is the positive effect that she claims has come from her hard work and efforts.

"This has helped to keep me out of trouble," said King. "I have found a sense of control and balance in my life. It has helped me to get into shape and cut back on smoking as well."

When asked about her feelings going into the fight, King says that she feels very ready to take on the challenge.

"I feel confident," King said. "I am very competitive and am looking forward to the experience. To me, this is like any other sport and I feel that I have the highest respect for my competition going into the match."

Still, King wishes that some of her "fellow" fighters at the gym would train with her more intensely.

"It's so hard to get most of the guys to look at me as a fighter and not as a girl," said King. "I wish there were more girls interested in fighting here. Buck Mitchell has been very helpful, but he is one of the only ones who will step up and give me his all when we are training."

Despite the hardships, King has managed to overcome the obstacles, and like any other member at the BCFC, she is ready to rise up to the challenge and prove to herself and the community that she has the strength to endure the warrior's journey.

The fight will be held at the Lebanon Civic Center this Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. Ticket prices start at $10.

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