All-Points Recyling plans open house

Thursday, November 6, 2008
All-Points Recycling, of Cassville, will host a community open house at the company's processing facility at Hilltop on Friday, Nov. 14 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pictured above, from left, are: Leslie Smith, co-owner; Stacy Runnels, office manager; Brenda Fletcher, co-owner; and Bobbi Vanzandt, logistics.

Area residents will have the opportunity to learn about the business of recycling first hand when All-Points Recycling hosts an open house at its processing facility in Cassville.

The event will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 14. Two equipment demonstrations, showcasing the operation of the company's state-of-the-art granulator and densifier, will be offered. The first demonstration will take place from 11 to 11:30 a.m. and the second from 12:30 to 1 p.m.

In between the two demonstrations, All-Points will be serving a free lunch to all who attend the open house.

Tours of the company's processing facility, which is located on Farm Road 2192 at Hilltop, will also be provided.

"We want to give people an idea of what we do and the materials we take," said Leslie Smith, who owns the company with her mother, Brenda Fletcher. "We want people to understand what we take, why we take it and how we take it."

Smith said the equipment All-Points Recycling uses to process its recyclable materials is unique to this area.

"There is nothing like either one of these machines in the county or nearby counties," said Smith.

The granulator is used to grind up different types of plastic and compact it into a more marketable product. The densifier is used to handle styrofoam. It turns the light-weight styrofoam into a more dense manageable product.

Smith cautions area residents that All-Points does not accept dock styrofoam at its processing facility.

"Dock styrofoam is very wet and often contaminated with metal and fish hooks," said Smith. "We tried a trial load, and our equipment just couldn't handle it."

All-Points Recycling is a recycling center that serves industries, businesses and individuals.

Currently, the facility accepts the following recyclable items: styrofoam (no food or drink containers); newspapers, magazines and office paper (must be dry); steel cans (labels removed); #1 through #7 plastic; aluminum cans; and cardboard.

All recyclable material brought to the processing facility must be washed out and free of food contaminants. All-Points does not pay for materials and currently does not accept heavy metals, glass, household hazardous waste, tires or electronics.

As a service to the community, All-Points runs a weekly cardboard route for local businesses. The route includes about 20 Cassville businesses and produces about one ton or 2,000 pounds of cardboard a week.

"We do this as a service, because there was such a need," said Fletcher. "Everyone is so excited when we come by, and the businesses have really appreciated it."

All-Points Recycling is a four-year-old company that has grown each year under the guidance of Smith and Fletcher. The company is unique to this area because of its all-female leadership team.

Fletcher is in charge of accounting, and Smith oversees purchasing and sales. Two other members of the family are also involved with the business. Stacy Runnels, Fletcher's daughter and Smith's sister, is the office manager, and Bobbi Vanzandt, Fletcher's sister-in-law, is in charge of logistics.

In addition, the company employs four part-time workers. They include Trent Vanzandt, Ty Stephens, Trisha Botson and Kenny Periman.

"We're so thankful for all our employees," said Smith. "We all make a good team."

All-Points Recycling began as a brokerage business in April of 2006. Seeing a need for recycling in the community, All-Points expanded and opened up a processing facility in June of 2008.

"We hope people will come to the open house to see what we do here," said Runnels. "I think they will find it very interesting."

For those who are unable to attend the Nov. 14 open house, All-Points will be offering a second opportunity to tour the business. On Thursday, Nov. 18, the local business will be hosting the monthly meeting of Southwest Missouri Solid Waste District N.

On that day, lunch will be served at 11:50 a.m. at the Barry County Museum. Following lunch, attendees will visit All-Points Recycling for an equipment demonstration. For that meeting, individuals will need to make a reservation to attend the lunch and tour by calling 847-4258.

All-Points Recycling is a member of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council, the Arkansas Recycling Coalition, the Missouri Recycling Association, the National Recycling Coalition and the Cassville Area Chamber of Commerce.